Monday, July 23, 2012

Hello Niceville, Fl!

We did it….

We sold our house and closed!  I cant tell you how much of a relief that was!

We survived a 3 moving day expedition that included loading a UHAUL with all of our belongings, driving two days & unloading it into the townhouse we’ll call home until our new house is built. 

We closed on our construction loan, and our new house is in the works.  We are supposed to be in it by the end of November!

I have to say life here in Niceville is pretty nice!  At first, like all “change”, it was a little tough but I think we are all settling in pretty well.  I really am starting to love it here.  Niceville is a small town about 15 minutes from Destin beaches.  It has some great restaurants, all the great retail shopping you’d want in Destin, a beautiful sandy creek that you can kayak/swim/etc. in, a bay that you can do any water sports in, very very nice people so far, lots of family owned businesses which I really love, great public schools, absolutely gorgeous beaches, and probably my favorite change from San Antonio---everything is about 5-10 minutes away! It is sooooooo awesome.  Everywhere I went in San Antonio was at least 15-40 minutes away which got really old.  I joined a gym that has childcare this week, so I’m happy to get back in my groove of working out.  I’m also gonna start tennis lessons next week which should be interesting :) I’ve always wanted to learn to play and Brad loves tennis, so I though it’d be something we could do together.  We’ll see how it goes! We also found a Catholic church we love.  Things are really starting to come together! I feel like I might want to stay for awhile : )