Friday, May 22, 2009

one for the ladies...

Within the past year I've started noticing...some...lines....yes...wrinkles....appearing on MY face! I was in denial at first...but then I moved into the acceptance stage...and now I'm doing something about it. The about we call them something else...the invaders...started around my eyes...and a little on my forehead. Since I didn't want to spend hundreds of dollars on all the specialty products out there for anti aging...anti "invader" creams I decided to try what even Oprah says works...Olay. I was already using the face wash and moisturizer, and I was very happy with both products so I decided to expand my OLAY collection. I made my trip to Walmart a happy one and kept a good attitude the whole time...pretending that this was fun...sort of like how buying panties is fun. I even had a coupon. (By the way...I've been saving $10-15 everytime I go to Walmart by using coupons lately. The trick...make your grocery list based on what coupons you have and only use coupons for things you would normally buy.) Anyways, back to business. I stood in front of the OLAY products forever examining each option and trying to find the best one for me and my invaders. I finally picked some out and I wanted to share them with you because THEY WORK!!!!!!!!!!!!

I've been using them regularly for the past couple of weeks and have noticed improvement! So here they are....links and all! Look in the newspaper for coupons...I found $1.50-3.00 off coupons.

Olay Definity Illuminating Eye Treatment

Age Defying Anti-Wrinkle Replenishing Night Cream

*don't try the equate brand...i did and it made me break out.
Face Wash

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

untitled..b/c i can't think of one.

I recieved this "Kiddopotamus TinyDiner" at one of my showers, and I started using it the other day. It's perfect for eating at restaurants because it gives you a nice clean surface for your little one to eat on. It uses suction cups to stay attached to the table, and it has a little scoop that catches all the goodies that would fall into your lap or on the floor. After Jack was done I just went to the bathroom and rinsed it off so I could bring it home clean.

Look at the morning hair! I love it! He's really starting to get the "Edward" look down.

Jack pulls up on everything he can...including his highchair, which thankfully has locks on the wheels! He loves to play in the kitchen, and his favorite toy is a fly swatter these days. Go figure!

You always read about when your baby will start getting seperation anxiety, well Jack has gotten it. He cries everytime I walk out of his sight! I've started these "exercises" where I tell him "bye bye" as I leave then I come back in a short period of time gradually making the time I'm gone a little longer(by gone I mean in the other room or just out of his view)...the idea is for him to learn that I am indeed coming back. He's started waving bye rather than crying so I think I'm making progress!

Saturday, May 16, 2009

When is life most precious?

When is life most precious?
at the sight of new life?
what a wonderful entrance
a grand entrance
as a mother holds her baby for the first time?
little hands
they'll touch the world
each moment a child finds himself?
laughing or playing

as one sees
as one feels

or is it when he's all grown up?
he remembers his past
so familiar as he watches his children
starting to learn
continuing to play

he sits waiting now
fighting the pain
fragile but strong
experienced filled mind
stories still untold
nearing lifes most precious moment
a grand entrance it will be
one piece
one part in time
one that will pass as quickly as his beginning

Friday, May 15, 2009

a crazy little man!

The other day Jack and I were playing, and he was acting so wild! He was crawling all around really fast and laughing and making the most hilarious faces! His little vampire teeth made it even more funny! He's become so aware of himself lately.

ooooo scary.
*Food update-Jack has been eating like a champ lately! We are so happy and relieved. I almost can't fill him up!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Pool Time!

Usually pools don't start to warm up to a comfortable temp. until later May...atleast for me they don't...I don't like having to get "used" to cold water. Well, our pool is already the perfect temperature! We decided to go swimming a few days ago. It was Jack's first time in a pool, and he loved it! It took a minute or two for him to start exploring, but before we knew it he was crawling around and splashing. Our neighbors Kayla and Jake came with there two littles ones Jackson and Abbey Kate (now three little ones, they just had there third baby today...a little girl, Isabella, congrats guys!) It was lots of fun, and I look forward to spending many afternoons there this summer!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Mother's Day

On Saturday morning(the day before Mother's Day) Brad told me we were going to Austin to see Old Crow Medicine Show! We took Jack because...why not? They played at Stubbs, which is an outdoor venue and the show was open to all ages. It was so much fun to be outside listening to live music, which is on the top of our favorite things to do list. Going to bookstores might be second....or tied with cooking good food while drinking wine, listening to music & dancing in our kitchen/living room. Anyways, we had a blast and so did Jack!

Jack LOVES music...he automatically starts dancing and/or clapping!


Brad got them to give Jack a cute!
Walking around downtown Austin!

Friday, May 8, 2009

Busy Body!

Wearing Pop Pop's hat!
Jack is such a busy little boy! Everyday I find something else I need to baby proof!

my special friend

I have a friend and her name is Erin Barker...the best thing about erin is she's my best friend, and she's the kindest most loving person I know, but the coolest thing about her is she's an amazing artist. Erin has lived down the street from me...well my parents for 14 years(I can't believe we've known each other that long) okay anyways...I've known her forever. Erin graduated from LSU and now she sells her artwork and prints as well. Here is a link to her website I really recommend everyone checking it out...if you can't afford a real painting you can get prints made like me and they are just as wonderful. Her artwork is one of a kind and I know you will atleast enjoy looking at everything. I know she is still working on getting it set up so you can possibly order prints from her website, so if you are interested you can email her and she can get one made for you.

Once you take a look at her work I know you will find the same peace that I do in every painting. She is also willing to do specific paintings based on your own pictures or ideas so if you are interested just ask her about it.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

My Special Place

I've always had this list of things I want to do at some point in my life. One thing thats been on my list forever is growing a garden. Finally this spring we did it!

Brad helped me build the frame and get everything prepared to grow my precious little fruits and veggies. We went to Lowes and bought all the materials we needed.

I have to say there is an art to creating just the right environment to actually get things to grow and produce fruit. It's been really fun, and I've enjoyed keeping everything alive. I actually love going out to water in the evenings and watching everything grow. I've learned so much already, and it seems like every other day I'm looking something up and learning something new! I can't wait to start harvesting! I'm already looking forward to my fall garden and already have plans to expand the one I have I can add potatoes, corn, peas and who knows what else!
=I'm growing tomatoes in the two pots b/c they take up so much room and actually grow easier in a pot, squash, onions, strawberries, bellpepper, cucumbers, zucchini, watermelon, basil, parsley, rosemary, and shallots!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Great News!

We went to our check up today and Jack was doing much much better! His ear was already looking better, which made us all feel like he most likely just had some virus that caused an ear infection. We are still going to finish the Tamiflu just in case because we are still waiting for the test results to come back and confirm he didn't have the fascinating swine flu. He hasn't run a fever all day which has been great, and his cough is pretty much gone. I'm soooo very happy :)

On another note, Jack has been eating more finger foods lately b/c he absolutely loves to feed himself. I started giving him whole peas the other day and I have to say its hilarious to watch him eat or should I say play with them. He uses his pointer finger and individually mashes each one on the tray before eating them or tossing them over onto the floor for Sadie to enjoy. He is very focused while mashing them and makes sure not to miss one. Kids are so funny.


Ever since I stopped nursing...Jack has been getting ear infections and they suck...bad. He refuses to eat, which he can't afford to do, and he's super fussy and doesn't sleep well at night. A few days ago I started suspecting he had an ear infection b/c he stopped eating...started getting fussy...and was doing the famous tugging of the ear. I waited a couple of days b/c most ear infections are untreatable and will resolve within a few days on their own, but then he started running a fever so I decided we should go get it checked out...especially since this would be his 4th lovely ear infection since Jan. We went in on Monday, and I was stumped b/c the doctor said he had lots of wax(supposedly he has small ear canals) and cleared us for any ear infections. We were sent home and told to come back if symptoms get worse. I have to say I left feeling sort of silly since I was almost positive he had one. Oh well, right? Better safe than sorry. Well....early Tuesday morning around 5:30 AM my little man woke up with a cough, runny nose and fever of 102.7! I brought him in yesterday b/c something was obviousely wrong. We saw a different doctor that wanted to investigate what was behind all the wax so we did an ear wash...which Jack HATED and low and behold...he had a tremendous ear infection with fluid...pus...and all. Poor little guy :( We are almost positive he just has a viral infection which caused the ear infection and "flu like" symptoms...but b/c of the lovely H1N1 virus(aka Swine Flu) we are being treat for that as well just in case. We did a rapid flu test which came back negative, but they are saying that test normally does and its the culture test that comes up positive. You might be thinking we'd have the results by now...but we don't b/c it takes 2-5 days to get them back and Jack would already be out of the 48 hour treatable window. So, yesterday we went home with Tamiflu and an antibiotic for the ear infection. I'm pretty positive he doesn't have the H1N1 virus but we are taking precautions just in case. Most importantly...we are getting rid of that terrible ear infection that has been causing my baby to act quite out of the ordinary and leaving mommy with no sleep and a little stressed b/c I can't get anything done with a fussy baby.

Any who....we are on our way for a follow up appt. I'll let ya'll know how that test comes worries though...if he does have the H1N1 virus...its a milder flu than the regular seasonal flu and all the babies that have gotten it at our clinic respond perfectly to the Tamiflu.

Pray for a well baby I can become a functional mommy again who feels like doing productive things.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Laugh & Learn

For Christmas we bought Jack the Fisher Price Laugh & Learn Kitchen. At the time he was just learning to sit up, and he didn't think the kitchen was the coolest toy. I knew he'd grow into it within a few months and boy did he ever! He loves his kitchen....he has figured out every gadget and has started pulling up on it to play! It took him awhile to figure out that he could crawl through it to the other side. When you crawl through it lights up and a song plays...he wasn't sure about it so for awhile he just sat in the middle and backed out. Its been a great toy and I'm pretty sure it will continue to be one for quite awhile.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

We love visitors!

This past week Nana & Pop Pop(Brad's parents) came to visit! Brad's brother David was also in town. The last time he saw Jack was at Christmas time...not too long ago, but Jack has changed so much. It was fun to have family around. We cooked lots of good food and just hung out mostly. We did go to a baseball game...which was sooooo exciting(notice the sarcasm). I'm not a huge baseball fan, but it was nice to be outside in great weather with peanuts and crackerjacks and out of the house. Jack enjoyed chewing on the key chain we got for free and every now and then we looked at the field. Right now I'm having a moment because I really wanted to go to Fredericksburg but the weather was not good enough today, so now I'm moping and very grouchy and Brad is going crazy because he wants to have a good day but I'm driving him crazy. Basically what needs to happen is that I need to get over it, have an awesome day with my husband on his day off and find a way to cheer the f#$% up. The secret to life you know: cheer the f@$% up.

enjoy the pics.

david, pop pop, brad & jack.

jack with his key chain