Monday, June 18, 2012

Happy Birthday Dad

Dear Dad,

I think about you every single day. I miss you with a pain I could never describe.  It’s almost been two years now, and now that I’m over the initial shock and reality has set in…I hurt in such a deeper way.  I know that you are gone now…and I am no longer searching for you.  This reality hurts more than those first months after you passed away.  Although I can manage/control my emotions better these days…I still ache for you…your voice…your touch.  Not only do I miss you…I miss things for you.  I am so sad because I want you to be able to enjoy your grandchildren…I want you to see them with Mimi and how much they adore her.  You should know Dad that Jack still remembers you.  He knows you are in heaven with Jesus…he told MiMi you weren’t dead…you were alive in heaven with Jesus.  I believe him with all my heart, and I know you are watching us live this blessed life.  Losing you has taught me so much about life Dad.  I am a better person now.  I love deeper and with no reservation, and I understand how precious each day is.  I value my relationships more and I don’t take much for granted these days.  My relationship with GOD has completely blown me away.  I prayed that I would find myself closer to him and there is no doubt in my mind that through losing you I found a deeper love for him. 

Today is your birthday.  I wish you were here, and I long for you so badly.  I remember your huge smile at your last birthday celebration on earth.  I knew it was going to be our last…

Dad, I know you know how we are all doing…we’re hanging in there.  We are still here living life, and most days we are happy, but I know I speak for all of us when I say…not a day goes by that we don’t miss you, think of you, long for you, and remember you.  We love you…Happy Birthday!



Thursday, June 14, 2012


May2010 638

Brennan…oh my sweet baby! This little boy couldn’t be a better baby! Things have been so hectic, and honestly I’m not sure what I’d do if he weren’t the chilled out go with the flow little guy that he is!  Brennan is about 3 months now, and we are just so in love with him!  Jack and Madeline love to hold him and give him his paci! Normally I don’t do pacifiers with my babies, but with this one I decided I needed something to delay feedings in extreme circumstances.  It’s worked out well and definitely holds him off when I can’t drop whatever I’m doing to feed him.  Brennan is my chunkiest baby.  He loves to eat :) In fact he will switch from nursing to a bottle anytime and it’s no big deal.  It’s such a blessing b/c my other two would NEVER take a bottle.  He has just started batting and playing with the toys on his play mat….it’s great entertainment for about 30 minutes until he falls asleep.  He still sleeps a lot, and he only wakes up once at night usually!  Good thing b/c in order to make things happen each day I’ve been waking up at 6AM to get work done before the kiddos are up! 

May2010 624May2010 626May2010 633

These are pictures of his first big smiles!  It was so cute and I’m so happy my camera was nearby to capture it!

May2010 643May2010 645May2010 648May2010 652May2010 656May2010 658

Anyways, we are all doing great! Things have settled down a bit, and it looks like we did in fact sell our house!  We close on July 2nd and then we are heading to Florida!  We are moving ourselves b/c the military moving companies are all booked.  It should be an interesting adventure.  We are super excited to get to Florida and get settled.  We decided to build a house so we are gonna be living somewhere temporarily until the house is done in November.  I’ve already got Jack and Madeline enrolled in preschool, found a gym, found a MOPS group and I’m working on a church!  Life is happening :)

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Brennan’s Baptism

May 2012 036

We were able to go home to Lake Charles for Brennan’s baptism.  We feel so blessed that Fr. Keith (who married us & baptized Jack & Madeline) was able to do the baptism for Brennan! 

May 2012 006

Jennifer and Ben are Brennan’s Godparents! Thanks for being there to celebrate with us!May 2012 019May 2012 038

May 2012 039May 2012 049May 2012 070May 2012 219May 2012 235