Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Puppet Show

Jack and I made some puppets this morning!  It was so much fun!  When Brad got home from work we put on a puppet show for him, which involved tractors with a “save the day” theme :)

Summer2011 002Summer2011 006Summer2011 007Summer2011 008Summer2011 020Summer2011 021

Monday, May 30, 2011

It’s a fresh new week!

Now that I’ve gotten off my emotional roller coaster from last week…I’m ready for a new fresh week!  Not to discount how I was really feeling…I will have everyone know that my special part of the month came the day after my “Keeping it Real” post.  I know, I know…Brad already made fun of me, but this just goes to show that hormones do indeed put us over the edge sometimes…and they make EVERYTHING worse…and they make us well go uh…crazy.

So moving on…

  • This week I’m starting a chore chart with Jack. I decided that since he has so many things he wants lately he can start earning some money…yes I know…he’s only two!  I think he can do it though.  His chart is going to include pictures to represent simple things such as brushing his teeth, putting away toys, taking a nap(sort of sneaky huh?), eating breakfast/lunch/supper, taking a bath and helping me put away dishes(this he’s been doing for awhile…plastic non sharp items only.)  I’m going to keep quarters around and let him earn a quarter each time he completes something.  He will not be required to complete everything each day…allowing him to move at his own pace and feel no pressure.  I have a feeling he’ll start filling his chart up pretty quickly though!  Once I get his chart made I’ll be sure to share!

  • I’m also ready for a new book, so any recommendations???  I just read The Help, which I thought was fantastic.  I love easy reads…about people’s lives…no sci fi…and no serial killers( I was affected enough by the Baton Rouge one back in college.)


Photo shoot take 2

I tried another photo shoot, and this is what I got…LOL!

Summer2011 001Summer2011 014Summer2011 016Summer2011 018Summer2011 019

Sunday, May 29, 2011

just look at her…


Just look at her…

What a lady!

This is my mom, and when she sent me this picture this morning I started crying…of course. 

I don’t know what it is about me lately…

I’ve been so fragile, thankful, inspired, spiritual…

Then Jack saw the picture and said, “Aww I’m excited for Mimi…Mimi’s happy!”

His sweet comments made me cry even more, but in a happy way. 

I love the spin he puts on life sometimes…all the time

Pool time!

It’s that time of the year!!!  As soon as the water doesn’t taking “getting used to” I’m ready to hit the pool everyday!  We’ve been having a blast! 

Summer2011 001

This is Madeline’s first real year to experience swimming, and she likes it…after awhile.  It takes her a little time to get used to the whole idea.  She prefers to crawl in and out…and in and out…and in and out! 

Summer2011 003

Jack on the other hand…is a little fish!  We bought him this speedo swimmer you see above, and he can go all over the pool in it!  He is so surprisingly brave! 

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Just to clear things up…

I guess I need to be careful about what I write on my blog…

My intentions yesterday were to show that its okay to not always be that “strong, have it all together all the time person.”  Sometimes I think there’s a lot of pressure on people to tough it out and be strong, but for me I sometimes feel guilty when I don’t have it all together.

I’m starting to realize I shouldn’t ever feel guilty when I have real reasons to struggle, and I’m certainly not a failure.

My point was to share my experience in hopes that if you sometimes feel guilty too about not being super woman all the time you would read my post and possibly find some peace in your own tough moments and know that on those days when you feel like things are crazy you are not alone.  Other people have those days too…

I’m not some depressed person who is miserable every day…I’m just having a tough time losing my Dad…and sometimes I’ve felt like I needed to suck it up and be strong.  What I’ve learned through all of this is that I don’t have to suck it up…its okay to grieve.

It’s a new day!

I love that we have night and day because after a nights rest we get the chance to start over, which is fantastic.

So on a new, fresh note…here are some pictures of my little loves! This is one of my many attempts-as you all know-to take pictures of my babies!

Summer2011 002

It started off not too bad…kind of sweet…she looked at me and smiled

Summer2011 003

Then she started chasing the camera…

Summer2011 010

Summer2011 014

Then I set up these chairs that they were supposed to sit on next to each other…sort of cute…

Summer2011 018

Until Madeline decided that Jack COULD NOT sit next to her!

Summer2011 019

Look at that face…just don’t know what I’m going to do with her!

Summer2011 023

At least I have these pictures and a story to go with them :) 

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Keeping it real…

I’m not posting this for sympathy.

I’m posting it to keep it real

Life is tough sometimes.  It’s beautiful, and most of us have more blessings than we could ask for, but in the midst of the beauty, happiness, & joy…there are times when the elements take a toll on us.

I always find it comforting to know that I’m not the only one who struggles and has rough days, so I’m here to to tell you that even though I have it all…I have hard times too.  Even though I put a smile on my face and make the best of what's around, I have days when I just don’t know what to do next.

There comes a point when the stress, exhaustion, sadness & pain start to show through the positive attitude, smiles & “happy ways you take on life.”  A week of the worst case of TMJ I’ve ever experienced, a fever blister that has taken over my lip & moments of anxiety when I don’t know if I’ll catch my breath have kept me honest.

All stress related…my symptoms have forced me to realize that what I’m going through is real, and normal, and okay.

Summer2011 035

This song seems to come on every morning on my way to the gym, and for some reason its the only time I can cry about my Dad.  I know its not about a father & daughter, but it reminds me of me and my Dad.  Gosh  I miss him…I don’t know when the pain will lift.  Maybe not for a long time…

It’s already been 9 months.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Nothing particular…

You know…its Sunday afternoon.

We went to church…we tried to go car hunting…or should I say TRUCK hunting. Yes, its that time-Brad needs a new vehicle, and the boy wants a truck, so THAT’S WHAT HE’S GETTING :) 

Its kind of like his congratulations you are almost done with residency and you absolutely deserve to have the truck of your dreams, and if you want a Toyota Tundra Crew Max in either dark gray or black…you get it! We know we want a boat in a year, so we’ll need something to pull it, and we want all our little munchkins to be able to pile in comfortably too!

We were all excited to go truck hunting, but the dealerships were all closed which surprised us. Oh well…we’ll have plenty of time and WE ARE IN NO RUSH.

So with all this new truck buying stuff going on…our 2005 Mazda 3 I with 106,000 miles is going up for sale.  It was in the top three compact cars when we bought it, and most of the miles are highway miles.  Its in great shape, so if you no anyone who might be interested spread the word!

I guess with all this jibber jabber you deserve some pictures to make it all worth your time…

JessBabyShower 001

This picture of Mady Grace (her new nickname by her one and only big brother Jack) shows Madeline’s true personality!  She is such a mess, but such a sweetheart snuggle love at the same time!  She started walking a couple of weeks ago, and she has said quite a few words: cat, dog, bye bye, jack, juice, shoes, and cup.  Her and Jack just started playing a whole lot together, which makes my life SO much easier, and it just melts our hearts to watch them!  In the evenings before bed they’ve started watching movies together…Brad and I just can’t get enough of watching them lay next to each other…SO SWEET!

JessBabyShower 005

Awhile back we went to Toy Story 3 on Ice.  The kids absolutely LOVED it, especially Jack who watched the whole thing in complete awe.  I would definitely recommend it! 

Jack is definitely potty trained now…thank goodness!  It was pretty rough, but we made it! He will be turning 3 in July, and I’m already getting a taste of that sweet 3 yr. old coming out of him.  He’s so much more helpful, understanding, and such a better listener.  I guess since my life sounds so easy…I should add a third to the mix.  Why not? We’ll see…

JessBabyShower 018


Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Today we went to Artworks with some friends! It was a great set up…different stations where the kids could move freely and at their own pace to each one.  The boys had so much fun, and Madeline really enjoyed herself too! 

Summer2011 004

This was definitely a favorite!  Anything with a monster truck is fantastic…right?

Summer2011 005Summer2011 008Summer2011 013Summer2011 014

They also spent a lot of time on this one too…an old record player with a paper plate and markers…who knew it be such a hit!

Summer2011 015Summer2011 021Summer2011 028

Madeline doing her new favorite thing…climbing on chairs, falling off with no fear or tears, and climbing right back up it again with every intention of standing on top of it!

Summer2011 030Summer2011 032Summer2011 033Summer2011 036Summer2011 037

My attempt at a picture of me and my babies! They were just having too much fun to stop and smile!

Summer2011 038

All of these activities were really easy and fun for the boys!  I am definitely going to recreate them for at home!

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Las Vegas Trip

Thanks to our amazing parents…Brad & I took a trip to Las Vegas together last week…alone-just the two of us-no kiddos…and it was one of the best weeks EVER!  We walked around just as giddy & in love as we were on our honeymoon!

We had so much fun. 

Actually—we had a totally amazingly freaking BLAST.

I brought our point & shoot camera because I didn’t want to carry around my real “baby” and at the end of the trip we finally figured out why every picture was hazy…thanks to my little boys finger prints!  At least we have some pictures from the trip though!

We walked through all the hotels, but the Bellagio was my favorite! It was filled with beautiful flower landscapes!  I was in awe at all the hydrangeas. 

LasVegas 071LasVegas 073LasVegas 074LasVegas 075LasVegas 077LasVegas 078

While we spent a lot of time walking the strip, eating at amazing restaurants, and playing some serious black jack….we hit the pool EVERYDAY and totally relaxed!

LasVegas 080LasVegas 082LasVegas 091LasVegas 123LasVegas 095LasVegas 104LasVegas 106LasVegas 124

We saw three great shows…The Ultimate Variety Show(Comedy), Cirque Du Soleil’s Ka and Beatles LOVE.  They were all fantastic, but the Beatles LOVE show was absolutely amazing!!!! If you go to Vegas YOU HAVE TO SEE IT NO MATTER WHAT!

LasVegas 127LasVegas 130LasVegas 133

We were sad to leave, but we had such a great trip & felt completely rejuvenated at the end!  We were so excited to get home to our babies!!  Thanks again Nana, Pop Pop, Mimi & Uncle John for all your help….We feel so lucky to have you guys in our lives! Much LOVE!!!!