Sunday, October 21, 2012

the kids set the pace

SUmmerFall2012 072

Sometimes my sweet Madeline just wants me to hold her and the truth is I just can’t….I feel stretched pretty thin sometimes.  On a few occasions Jack has offered to hold her…so sweet.

SUmmerFall2012 099

He’s a pretty cool cat.

SUmmerFall2012 105

My mom got the kids  TRIO blocks….Have you ever bought them? My kids LOVE them.  They are really easy to build and don’t fall apart as easy as Legos.  This was Jack’s creation one day.  Yes…it’s a gun.  Yes…it bothered me at first that he loves guns so much, but now not really…HE’S A BOY.  I don’t think they can help it~ His brain is seriously wired to like this stuff, and he wants to kill bad guys and monsters so that’s productive.

SUmmerFall2012 130

Madeline on the other hand is wired to take care of babies.  Little momma…loves her babies!

SUmmerFall2012 136

And to dress herself : )

SUmmerFall2012 144

She is my little Rasta~

SUmmerFall2012 142

Nights on the beach…if you need a place to go to let you mind forget everything else…nothing beats listening to the crashing waves, feeling the soft breeze on your face & the sand beneath your feet.

SUmmerFall2012 145

Or you could play outside in the water after a downpour…with no clothes on.

Friday, October 12, 2012

Madeline & Brennan


Oh Madeline! Brennan was about 4-5 months in this picture. I had laid him down on his back and then walked around the corner to find this…

Summer2012 149

Then I said, “Madeline did you turn Brennan over?” and she did this….

Summer2012 150

And this…

Summer2012 151

Then she said, “Baby Ban?” while touching his head…

Summer2012 154

Yep…guilty is the verdict!  He didn’t seemed too bothered though! Brennan is so used to being handled by Jack and Madeline there isn’t much that will upset him!

Summer2012 157Summer2012 161Summer2012 164

Madeline sure does love him! She is always wanting to help me with him! Little sweeties…I love them so much!

Friday, October 5, 2012

The best daddy…


Jack calls him “Dad”

Madeline calls him “Da EEEE”

Brennan calls him “Da Da Da Da” (or at  least that’s the sound he makes and Brad fully claims it as referring to him)

Brad is the best Dad in the world!

Summer2012 137Summer2012 139Summer2012 145Summer2012 170Summer2012 174Summer2012 176Summer2012 178Summer2012 179

Aren’t they cute? They totally melt my heart!