Sunday, December 21, 2008

All the sudden I feel like Jack has changed so much! I know he's only 5 mths old, but he feels like such a big boy now. He is into EVERYTHING! He's quick too! We've already broken a couple of bowls and glasses...simply b/c I'm not expecting him to grab things so quickly. He rolls all over the place too! The other night I came into his room and he was on his stomach...then that morning he was facing the opposite direction that I had laid him down facing! He LOVES all of his toys, but mostly the ones with tags. I'm definitely going to be purchasing some sort or "Taggie" pretty soon. He just stares at them, and touches them very intently. It's really funny! He also loves that rattle you see in the picture. He shakes it hard and very fast! I used to be able to lay him in his play mat and when I'd come back he would still be there, but not anymore! He's all over the places reaching for new toys.
It's so much fun. Brad and I LOVE it!
As for sleeping---things have been sooooo much better! I would recommend the Ferber method to everyone! Jack only wakes up once now around 12:30/1 to nurse, and then he goes right back to sleep! I can also lay him down awake at night and he goes back to bed! Its fabulous, and it was well worth the few painful crying periods I had to go through!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

"its a beautiful morning...."

Sooo the peas were a one night deal. After that first night Jack decided he didn't like peas fact he disliked them so much he actually appeared to shiver when I'd push a bite in...then he'd go on to gag and cough. Anyways....his little cold is over, and last night I nursed him at 9:30pm and went off to bed. Ofcourse around 10:30pm he started to cry, and thats when I decided it was time for an intervention. I decided to try the Ferber method and adjusted the time frames to what was comfortable for me---3 min, 5 min. and 7 min. After going after 3 min, 5 min., 7 min., 7 min. and having a serious talk with God....then going back in after I'd waited that forever long 7 min. Jack finally fell fast asleep before another 7 min. was up. He slept through the night, and was up and happy at 6am which was fine with me because I'd finally gotten a full night of rest. I'm sure we'll have to do the Ferber method for awhile until he gets it all down. I'm just thankful that we have a plan that seems to work :)

Saturday, December 13, 2008

a pea a day will keep the doctor away

Yesterday I brought Jack to the doctor because he's been having a bit of a runny nose...then he started getting a cough...and then a hoarseness/wheeziness sound that kind of bothered me. It all turned out his is absolutely fine...everything is still upper respiratory thank goodness. Anyways, I asked the doctor for suggestions about his sleeping or lack there of at night. She suggessted the "Ferber" method I believe---its when you go in at intervals while he is crying starting with what you are most comfortable with---for example 3 min., then 5 min., then 8 min. and after that every 8 min. You go in console, pat..kisses...whatever, but don't pick him up until he eventually falls asleep. You can increase the intervals over the next few days to 5 min, 10 min. then 15 min. Since he's sick I didn't want to start that right now, but I was planning on doing it when he gets better. She said he certainly doesn't need to be nursing that much at night b/c he simply doesn't need it, he just wants it. Also I need to work on putting him to bed drowsy rather than fast asleep after nursing. All of these things I know---but its just really hard! She also mentioned adding some more solid foods during the day. I was just doing rice cereal and prunes at night, but she said I could add a morning and noon feeding with some more veggies. Last night I introduced peas and totally expected a funny face, but instead he just opened his mouth up wide for another bite! He loved them! As a result of the peas....he slept from 10:30-4:30 and then went back down from 4:30-8!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Is it b/c of the peas??? I don't know, but everyone knock on

Friday, December 12, 2008

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...

I LOVE some Christmas jammies!
Jack is five months old...
~we feed him rice cereal now..but we add a little prunes to keep him you know...regular
~when he eats his rice cereal he mmmmm this is sooo good
~he can roll over from front to back, but he's kind of lazy about it
~he plays a little game where he'll smile at you and then bury his head in your shoulder...then look up and smile and bury his head and it'll go one for as long as you want it to
~he doesn't sleep at night---he wakes up atleast 4 times---its fabulous and we are really proud of his accomplishment
~he follows a great schedule during the day though--wake at 7:30, nap at 9/9:30, nap at 12, sometimes a nap at 3, bath and bed at 8
~he purposefully grabs toys and plays with them...he loves crunchy ones the best
~he makes the ma ma sound
~he loves when brad plays "rough" with him
~he wears 6-12 clothes

These are from the night when we put of the tree! He loved looking at the lights!

Monday, December 8, 2008

Thank you Kelly for the adorable shirt! We've already received an acceptance letter...they just couldn't resist!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

I can't post too many pics of my baby, right?

Brad was holding Jack up in the air like this, and he'd laugh and laugh! It was adorable! He just loves his daddy!

I caught Jack sucking on his toes...good thing they are still sweet baby toes! I told him we can't make a habit of this when we get older!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

These boots are made for walkin....

Happy Anniversary to me! Our special day is December 17th, but this morning Brad asked me if I wanted my gift early. After much debating and a curious mind that no one can stop...I decided ofcourse I want my gift early. He asked me if I knew what you're suppossed to get for your 3rd anniversary, and of course I had no idea. Well if you don't know's leather or crystal. If you know me well at all you can probably guess I could care a less about anything crystal(and if I did I would probably break it) I started thinking...hmmm what would he get me thats leather??? turned out to be cowboy boots and can I tell you I was so happy. I've wanted a pair of cowboy boots my whole life, but they are pretty expensive and they've been put on my after residency list for a long time. Anyways today Brad took me to go pick out cowboy or should I say cowgirl boots, and I found the perfect ones. Here's a couple of pics for your enjoyment. I think I may wear them every single day. I love them---thank you sweets.