Sunday, December 21, 2008

All the sudden I feel like Jack has changed so much! I know he's only 5 mths old, but he feels like such a big boy now. He is into EVERYTHING! He's quick too! We've already broken a couple of bowls and glasses...simply b/c I'm not expecting him to grab things so quickly. He rolls all over the place too! The other night I came into his room and he was on his stomach...then that morning he was facing the opposite direction that I had laid him down facing! He LOVES all of his toys, but mostly the ones with tags. I'm definitely going to be purchasing some sort or "Taggie" pretty soon. He just stares at them, and touches them very intently. It's really funny! He also loves that rattle you see in the picture. He shakes it hard and very fast! I used to be able to lay him in his play mat and when I'd come back he would still be there, but not anymore! He's all over the places reaching for new toys.
It's so much fun. Brad and I LOVE it!
As for sleeping---things have been sooooo much better! I would recommend the Ferber method to everyone! Jack only wakes up once now around 12:30/1 to nurse, and then he goes right back to sleep! I can also lay him down awake at night and he goes back to bed! Its fabulous, and it was well worth the few painful crying periods I had to go through!

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