Saturday, June 20, 2009

"Becky's Bakery, Ltd."

So remember when I planted a was on my life's to do list. Well, so is cake baking...not just baking, but decorating. I've always been inspired...and since Jack is turning one I knew I would be looking for a great cake for him. So I started seeing what shops would make my cake and then Brad said... "girl, you need to bake yo' own cake, you know you've always wanted to". I thought about it...and figured I'd give it a try. At first I was a little worried...a little nervous I'd be getting myself in over my head, but then I decided if not now then when? So I went to the store and bought all the tools...I've been obsessed with researching how to decorate a cake the past few days..and so on. I decided to do a Father's Day/trial cake this weekend. I definitely learned a lot along the way, and this cake needs much improvement, but I'm proud of what I accomplished. It was really fun, and I can't wait to get better. I think I can handle Jacks birthday cake...which I'm planning to do a two layer 10 in with a two layer 6 in on top for him to enjoy. The cake I did this weekend was a two layer 6 in. with a buttercream icing and fondant decorations.

Babysitter Bliss

Before we got married we took a Catholic marriage prep class where we discussed lots of things...and I have to say all of our little discussions really did "prep" us for many things we've stumbled upon so far in life. One of which was how are we going to make time for ourselves. We always said we'd get babysitters and be sure to continue to go out to dinner, etc. The trick is....finding a even harder trick when you live somewhere where you don't know anybody! Luckily we met our neighbors who have three young children and we've been able to switch off with eachother and watch eachothers kids. Its been really nice and we've been able to go out every once in awhile, but I knew at some point I'd like to find someone I could pay b/c I didn't want to be asking for favors all the time. The good news is....I found someone! At the first gym I was a member at I met a girl who worked in the nursery. I always liked all the girls that worked in there. They always loved Jack so much and he was always happy when he was there. Well, one day I asked one of them if she babysat and she said yes and I got her number. Well for a looonnnggg time I didn't call her, and then the other day I decided to just see if she would be interested in watching Jack every once in awhile. She said I got some references and made the calls and to make a long story short---she babysat for us the other night and she was great! We decided to just do dinner to see how Jack would do, and it turns out that he did great! Before leaving I explained how he's a little finicky with who he takes bottles from and how....and how he's not the best sleeper in the world(although he's been sleeping through the night for the past week-knock on wood). I totally expected for him to still be awake when we got home, but low and behold he was fast asleep in his crib. She was really sweet...she said Jack actually fell asleep on her while they were sitting on the couch.

Anyways, it looks like we have a babysitter!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Backyard Fun

We picked up a baby pool the other day for Jack to play in while we are outside grilling or just hanging out. He really enjoyed it....but his favorite part was the water hose! I had some water toys in the pool with him which included some bowls. He loved filling the bowls up with the water hose and dumping them! He also enjoyed giving Sadie a drink :)

And yes...he's naked...why?...b/c I didn't feel like getting a swim diaper and swim suit...did he mind?...not at all...why?...b/c he's a child of the earth.

Monday, June 15, 2009

My baby is almost 1!!!!

What a life...a year has almost gone by and I can't believe it! Jack is almost 1 and I've been planning his 1st birthday party these past couple of weeks. I'm so excited b/c we'll be able to celebrate in Lake Charles with our family and friends. So far the date has been set and the invitations have been mailed! Right now I'm planning a backyard barbeque with games for adults and children(depending if the few we invited can make it.) I've still got to pick out paper products, decorations, and the cakes(one for our guests and ofcourse one for Jack to devour.) I'm so excited and I can't wait! I LOVE birthdays...and I LOVE throwing parties. are some pics of Jack lately! I have great respect for photographers who photograph little kids, b/c man is it tough!

Friday, June 12, 2009

A Day at the Pool!

One of the days Sandy and Braylon were here we went to the pool! Braylon loved it! Jack napped most of the time while we were there(since he still takes a morning nap), but it was fine b/c I got some free time to swim on my own :)

Jack had just woken up!
It was so funny to watch them interact with eachother! They never really "played" together...I guess they are still in that "independent" play stage.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Sea World

While Sandy and Braylon were visiting we went to Sea World! It was a lot of fun, and Jack was able to enjoy it this time. Last time we went he was 3 weeks old and it rained so we missed some of the shows and the water park. Jack ABSOLUTELY LOVED the water much that our cheeks were hurting after b/c we were smiling and laughing so much. It was a great time, and I'd still go back even after going twice already since we've lived here.
The boys meeting Shamu and the dolphin. Braylon actually hugged Shamu which was really cute. Jack on the other hand cried and was afraid of both of them.
At the Shamu show....the whales would come up and splash the audience with their tails! We sat up much higher so we wouldn't get wet. I told know one day our kids may want to get you'll have to go sit closer with them :)

I'm so amazed with these animals...and their trainers. Its so cool what they train them to do and their obvious relationship they have together.
We fed the seals...we were going to feed the dolphins too, but when we got their feeding time was over :( Maybe next time!

two sweet little boys....

Jack about the pull Braylon's hair...lovely.

oh wait...a hug instead...good boy :)

Brad with the boys!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

River Walk

My friend Sandy came to visit with her little boy, Braylon, last week. Sandy is a friend of ours from med school; her husband went to Tulane with Brad. Braylon is 17 mths old and the last time I saw him he was 4 mths old! It crazy how fast time flies. Anyways, they came to visit for the week and we had so much fun. We did lots of fun things...but I'll have to take it one blog post at a time. Here are some pics from our afternoon on the River Walk.

Atleast the boys are looking towards the camera....sort of! You don't know how hard it was to atleast get them to do that! It took all kinds of funny noises on Brads part....poor people who happen to be passing by!

Monday, June 1, 2009

Home Sweet Home

I went home to see my familia recently. I've been able to go pretty often which makes me sooo thankful. I love being home. We had a wonderful visit! I'm such a mommas girl....I could live next door to my parents for the rest of my life and be completely content.

We spent our time good food, taking walks, & going to the park in the evening. Uncle Ben and Aunt Jess (MiMi) came to visit for a couple of nights, so we all went out to dinner at Pats of Henderson, which is a seafood restaurant that definintely gave me my seafood fix. I had a shrimp and oyster poboy...yummy. My little sister, Jennifer, has become very domestic these she cooked a lovely southern meal for us one night at her house....and it was delicious! Thanks Jenny Penny :) I always gain a couple of pounds when I go much good food you just can't pass up!

Here are some pics from the trip!
*Also...say prayers for my Dad...who isn't doing fabulous right now-pray that he can remain stable and be as comfortable as possible until he can get on a heart transplant list.
one messy little boy...jack's shirt is constantly dirtly these days---we start off with a clean shirt in the midday we change to another one...for supper we take that one off and wear just a diaper and sometimes shorts for the rest of the night...unless we go somewhere in which we usually need a 3rd clean shirt! little boys....

fascinated by the rain....

We love our Mimi!

Uncle John....Jack gave him sweet love and I don't think John Scott knew what to cute!

Paw Paw's gettin Jacks toes