Monday, January 14, 2013

The best decisions are the toughest…

This momma thing is hard

I’m not really talking about all the physical stuff: lack of sleep, endless cleaning, etc.  While all that is hard stuff…I’m talking about the pain that comes along with trying to make the right decisions for your child.  The pain that comes with the uncertainty when you are aren’t sure if you are doing the right thing. 

Last year my Jack LOVED school.  He begged to go and begged to stay when it was time for me to pick him up.  His teachers adored him. He was happy, he was learning, he was playing & I knew he was loved there.

This year has been a very different story.

Searching for the right school was a process for me.  I researched all the schools, talked to directors, talked to teachers, got recommendations from people I knew, and made school visits.  This was during the summer, so I didn’t get to actually observe, but honestly I’m not sure if this would have prevented what happened.  I did the best I could finding a school that I thought was great for Jack.

It turned out to be the opposite.

At first I thought Jack was just being a mess….he was telling me he didn’t like school, he didn’t want to go, then the teachers were telling me he wouldn’t participate or eat, so we had conferences(where the teachers and I were always on a different page it felt like) and then it seemed to get better, but then just when that happened it got much worse.  Drop off time was painful…I literally had to peel my child off of me and hand him over to his teachers.  At first it was awful, then I tried to convince myself that it was just separation anxiety and we needed to work through it, and then towards the end I started questioning myself…what was I doing?

This kid is not happy.  He hates school…he used to love it.  He used to be so confident and proud of what he could do, and now he is so unsure of himself and doesn’t think he can do anything. And now the worst part…he’s refusing to use the bathroom at school and now having accidents.  Jack has never had an accident anywhere.  This was getting bad.  He was starting to become argumentative at home and overall I felt like he was a different kid in a way.  I didn’t know what to do.  Over the Christmas holidays after being away from school for awhile I felt like he was being more himself.  Then, it was time to go back to school and he was so upset.  I sent him on Monday.  They peeled him off Brad. That’s when I decided I would just visit another school to see if I thought Jack might be happier there. Switching schools was a big deal…it could make the situation worse, he had made friends that he loved, etc.  My gut was just telling me to just go see.  I walked in and it felt like a breath of fresh air.  The teacher and I talked about all of my concerns and the problems we were having at his other school, and she and I seemed to agree on how to handle things. I talked it over with my mom who has many years of experience in early childhood education.  I talked it over with Brad…called some of my seasoned mom friends…and prayed that God would help me make this decision.  The next day I enrolled him in the new school.  I told him he was going to a new school, and his eyes lit up!  He absolutely LOVES his new school.  He is so happy…his teacher loves him and says he is doing great…he talks about all the fun things they do! I feel so thankful that I listened to my gut instincts.  I feel like I have my Jack back.  We have been working on building his confidence back up and he is doing so well! 

Oh how I love you Jack…


      4 1/2 years old

Friday, January 11, 2013

Our Home

People have been asking…so, here is a link to view pictures of our new house!

As most of you know we moved to Niceville, FL from San Antonio, TX after Brad finished residency.  We house hunted a little bit until I decided that I would just build the house I wanted.  Most houses here were crazy expensive and outdated and I’m crazy when I get an idea in my head.  I know.  It was a little bit much.  It was a bigger process than I would have ever imagined because we built custom basically, and it was intense.  It was long. Hard. Fun. It sparked my creative flair as I picked out every detail and probably drove my builder crazy, but he was awesome, so everything came out just the way I wanted :)  Jonathan Tidwell built our home and it was an amazing experience b/c he was so good at what he does and friendly and awesome, so I definitely recommend him to anyone who might move to the area.

In fact I’m going to just type: Niceville Destin new homes builder

Hopefully that will pop up on Google if someone is looking for a great builder!

We moved in Dec. 15th just in time for Christmas…which we spent at home….which was wonderful too.  We had a lazy Christmas Day and lots of family came to visit us.  It was so nice to just wake up in our home!

So anyways…click on the link above and enjoy ;)

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Bawcom Thanksgiving!

NovDec2012 024

We spent Thanksgiving at David (Brad’s brother) and Shelley’s house.  Almost everyone from Brad’s side of the family was there, except Christie & her crew and Bryce & Rachelle.  We missed ya’ll!!!  We had so much fun! I am so lucky to have married into such a wonderful family!

NovDec2012 001

Madeline had such a good time playing with her cousin Audrey!  They were so cute.  I love watching little girls get to be little girls!

NovDec2012 006 - CopyNovDec2012 015NovDec2012 018 - Copy

Jack loved loved his older cousin Joseph!  He followed him everywhere he went! Thanks for being such a good sport Joseph! Jack adores you!

NovDec2012 019NovDec2012 025

These are three awesome men. 

The kids in this family are so lucky to have them to look up to. 

NovDec2012 043NovDec2012 049NovDec2012 065NovDec2012 083NovDec2012 096NovDec2012 108

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Hey there!


My lack of blogging is a direct reflection of my life now.  I really have no spare time.  It started slowly with less time on Facebook, then less time just browsing the internet, then less time blogging & now if I check my email daily that’s a treat.  I will say though that I’m embracing this new way of life.  It’s my calling to be a wife, mother & friend.  Rather than doing the things I mentioned I play with my kids more, keep a tidier house, and spend more time with friends.  It’s better.  It’s an adjustment.  But, I’m finding myself more happy. 

Our family of five makes for a busy busy busy day.  There is very minimal spare time if I’m to do it right.  Even by spending less time on my computer I still feel stretched pretty thin, but I’m managing :)  I do want to try and at least blog once a week though.  Living so far from family…I think its important to try and stay as connected as possible!  I might just pick a blogging day…I’ll have to see. 

Oh…we moved into our new house.  I am so in love and happy to be settled! I’m working on de-cluttering and unpacking and once that happens I’ll post pics!

These pictures are from October/Nov. …

Fall2012 223Fall2012 232Fall2012 241Fall2012 254Fall2012 257Fall2012 266