Thursday, March 31, 2011

Kite Flying…

HomeImprovements 010

Jack and I bought a kite.  Before Jack’s nap he said, “Maybe when Daddy gets home we can fly our kite.”


We waited for Daddy to come home!

HomeImprovements 016HomeImprovements 020

It took a few tries, but Daddy got that kite to fly…

HomeImprovements 027HomeImprovements 036

One of our sweet neighbors came to check out what we were doing…

HomeImprovements 044

Jack found a patch of bluebonnets, and I snapped a picture of him!

HomeImprovements 051HomeImprovements 042

I couldn’t help myself.  I had to put this picture up…






Thursday, March 24, 2011

Small changes…

Ugly take up a lot of space plastic olive oil container

HomeImprovements 001


Slender beautiful glass EVOO dasher!

HomeImprovements 003

I am sorry to replace you, but when I’m so tired at night and don’t feel like putting you back in the cabinet you expose my laziness….

HomeImprovements 005

Beautiful EVOO dasher, if I leave you out you look like you were meant to be there…how nice for 3 dollars at Marshall’s!

HomeImprovements 011

No chills or sweat…

I can not get enough of the outdoors lately! I love how comfortable the weather is…its not chilly or hot. 

As soon as Jack wakes up from nap…we hit the backyard…or front.  For some reason Jack really likes playing in the front yard.

Spring2011 010Spring2011 012

Some of the neighbors were over playing with Jack…and Madeline was right there with them! Let me tell you friends…this little girl is TOUGH. 

Spring2011 021

And if you haven’t had any DONETTES in awhile…go buy some!  I let Jack pick something out at the grocery store the other day, and he wanted the little delicious bag full of white powdered Donettes that I think about all day long because I they are sooo good….

Friday, March 18, 2011

Little girls…

Madeline is getting so big! I’ll be honest…the thoughts of a third are starting to creep into my mind! I want to wait a little longer though : )

Madeline will be 1 yr. old April 12th!  She is cruising around the furniture, so she should be walking soon.  She is the best eater in the world, and she is sleeping like a charm.  We did confirm with allergy testing that she is allergic to cow’s milk.  Bummer! Madeline is a handful.  She has the funniest personality.  She is very high maintenance to say the least!  She LOVES her Daddy…she’s always flirting with him.  Her and Jack are starting to play better together, which is so helpful.  She loves getting dirty and playing right along side of him : )  I love to hear him say, “no no Mady don’t do that…or no no Mady be careful!” 

So here she is…at 11 1/2 months!

Spring2011 014Spring2011 015Spring2011 017Spring2011 021

When I uploaded the picture below I immediately thought of the one of Jack that looks just like it!  He was the same age, and they are both making their “goober” face.

Spring2011 027064Spring2011 029Spring2011 037Spring2011 041Spring2011 045

Here are a few more of Jack in the same spot at the same age!


Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Less is More: Part I

If you guys remember…my new year’s resolution was “less is more.”  I’ve begun my journey, and let me tell you…my life is becoming more and more wonderful as I have LESS in it :)

As I make changes (big and small) I’m gonna keep you updated.  Here’s one of my most delightful changes yet. 

Here is my pantry when BEFORE when I was losing my mind….

2011 041

And here it is now….AFTER I found my mind.

Spring2011 004Spring2011 005

Let me start by telling you that I breathe so much better now when I open my pantry…seriously.  My life is more peaceful.  I knew I wanted to make this change, but every time I went to Walmart to buy storage things I would stand in the aisle….panicking because I didn’t know how many plastic things I needed or how many glass jars or baskets….and I’d end up walking away defeated.  One day I just decided not to try and figure out exactly what I needed and just buy stuff.  I figured I could always go back and buy more or return what I didn’t use…and this would be a gradual improvement.  It didn’t have to be perfect in my first shot.

You should have seen my recycle bin….

I LOVE MY PANTRY.  Sometimes I just stand in it and smile. 

This is not a waste of money…it ends up paying for itself because all my cereal, crackers, etc. last so much longer!  NO MORE STALENESS. It’s awesome.  I still plan on making a few more improvements…like labeling and buying a few more baskets. 

Until then though…

I’m loving what I have

in all aspects of my life.

Saturday, March 12, 2011


Jack went fishing with his Pop Pop and Pop Pop Mike recently.  They had a ball! Brad’s parents have some friends who live in the Woodlands.  While we were in Houston, we went and spent the weekend at their house.  We had so much fun!

Spring2011 143Spring2011 149Spring2011 152Spring2011 165Spring2011 166Spring2011 178Spring2011 180Spring2011 185Spring2011 193Spring2011 198Spring2011 201

Thursday, March 10, 2011

the Lakehouse AKA my dream place.

While we were in Houston my Mom visited my uncle in Lake Conroe.  All my aunts were there and so were some cousins.  We had so much fun visiting with everyone.  While we were there we tried to take some family pictures.

Spring2011 205

Here is my Mom with her sisters…I probably didn’t need to mention they are sisters.

Spring2011 218

Spring2011 224Spring2011 247Spring2011 253Spring2011 263

I know.

Spring2011 276Spring2011 281Spring2011 283Spring2011 295Spring2011 299Spring2011 318Spring2011 331

A kiss…aww how sweet!

Spring2011 336

Oh wait…nope never mind…I’m just gonna pick at your head right here…stay still.

Spring2011 341

That’s better!

Spring2011 355