Thursday, March 10, 2011

the Lakehouse AKA my dream place.

While we were in Houston my Mom visited my uncle in Lake Conroe.  All my aunts were there and so were some cousins.  We had so much fun visiting with everyone.  While we were there we tried to take some family pictures.

Spring2011 205

Here is my Mom with her sisters…I probably didn’t need to mention they are sisters.

Spring2011 218

Spring2011 224Spring2011 247Spring2011 253Spring2011 263

I know.

Spring2011 276Spring2011 281Spring2011 283Spring2011 295Spring2011 299Spring2011 318Spring2011 331

A kiss…aww how sweet!

Spring2011 336

Oh wait…nope never mind…I’m just gonna pick at your head right here…stay still.

Spring2011 341

That’s better!

Spring2011 355

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