Thursday, March 29, 2012

Meet Brennan Thompson Bawcom!

As planned Brennan arrived Monday March 19th, 2012!  Brad & I went in for my scheduled c-section(forced due to two prior c-sections) and by midday we welcomed our newest love into our lives!  I was so emotional with this delivery…I think because I knew it was my last.

CrawfishBoil & Brennan's Birth 161CrawfishBoil & Brennan's Birth 162

Shortly after delivery Brennan was taken to the NICU because he had “transient tachypnea of the newborn” or in other words he wasn’t keeping his oxygen levels where they needed to be.  I was taken to recovery & then to my room without my baby :(  I was in quite a bit of pain, but then the nurse came in and asked if they could give him a bottle or if I would like to get in a wheelchair to go nurse him.  That was enough motivation for me to get myself in a wheelchair just a few hours post op to go see him and nurse him. I was in the most pain I’d been in my whole life. I had a morphine button I could push every 8 minutes but it just wasn’t doing the trick.  Thankfully I was able to nurse a little bit before I got too sick and had to go back to my room. 

CrawfishBoil & Brennan's Birth 171

Brennan spent the whole afternoon into the evening in the NICU, then they brought me my bundle of joy and he was absolutely perfect. 

CrawfishBoil & Brennan's Birth 174CrawfishBoil & Brennan's Birth 185

Since Brennan was in the NICU Jack & Madeline had to come back the next day to meet him.  Jack was super excited and interested, and Madeline was a little unsure despite her love of babies.  It took her a few days to warm up to her new baby brother, but now she helps me out by bringing diapers, clothes, blankets, etc. when I need them.

CrawfishBoil & Brennan's Birth 195CrawfishBoil & Brennan's Birth 224CrawfishBoil & Brennan's Birth 240CrawfishBoil & Brennan's Birth 247

Adjusting to life with a newborn has been so easy for me.  I am loving & enjoying every single moment of it all.  I’m up every two hours at night but it doesn’t even bother me.  I enjoyed all my babies, but I will say with…

Baby #1-You worry a lot more about what you are doing right or wrong & you can’t seem to get over the exhaustion of sleepless nights and just becoming a mom. It’s a true life changer, but a good one :)

Baby #2-You pretty much know how to care for a newborn now, but you are a tad overwhelmed trying to figure out how to balance life with two kids.  It’s sort of stressful at times, but eventually you get the hang of it!

Baby #3(and in my case my last)- You soak up every single second, worry about nothing, and just enjoy your little one.  I adore every moment with Brennan, Jack & Madeline, and I’m completely aware of how fast time flies!

I haven’t been happier in my whole life…I’m so thankful for my beautiful family, our health & all of the other blessings God has given us. 

We Feel so blessed….

Thursday, March 15, 2012

People say…

The last few weeks of pregnancy are gonna drag, but I’ve told them, “Nope…they are gonna fly by because every week lately has been flying by & before I know it IT’S THE END OF THE WEEK!”  I’ve been so confident when I say this & rightfully so because it’s been true.

These past few weeks have flown by.  Perhaps that what happens when you are hanging out with these munchkins :)

I am exhausted, swollen, my feet hurt SOOOOO bad, and I’ve suffered from terrible insomnia, BUT I am having a baby on Monday & a Crawfish Boil this weekend & soon enough my days of a baby in the belly will be over. Yes…you heard right we are having a crawfish boil on Sat. because Brad’s parents are going to be able to bring in some live crawfish & Brad’s been wanting to show all his friends what a crawfish boil is all about for the past fours years & it’s pretty much now or never~ We are super excited!


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Monday, March 5, 2012

Big Brother & Big Sister

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In two weeks from today, these two munchkins will be a big brother and big sister!  I can’t believe it, but my pregnancy is already almost over & my “babies” are getting so big!  Madeline turns 2 in a few weeks & Jack 4 this summer!  We are all so excited to meet Brennan, and I really think the kids are gonna handle everything really well (at least I hope :)