Wednesday, August 31, 2011

So touched…

Dear Rebecca,                               6/29/11

     Thank you for coming in yesterday.  I hope your TMJ is already feeling better.  Mostly I want to express my deepest sympathy for the loss of your Father.  The pain in your sweet eyes broke my heart~I just couldn’t say anything at the moment~ for fear we would both fall apart ~I hope you and your family find peace & healing on your upcoming vacation.  Congrats on your achievements with your husbands career as well!

                                     Love, Sheryl

I wanted to scan this hand written letter I received back in June, but my scanner wasn’t working.  If you remember June was a pretty rough time for me.  The stresses from dealing with losing my Dad had caused my TMJ to get really bad, so I went to my dentist for help.  This sweet nurse asked me if I had any stresses in my life that might be causing my TMJ to get so bad,  and I ended up briefly sharing with her that I had lost my Dad earlier in the year.  Then, a few days later I got a letter in the mail from her…someone I really didn’t know took the time to write me, and it was so touching. 

It reminded me of all the times I’d thought to do something similar for someone but never did.  I was so thankful to have received her letter and really found so much comfort in it. 

It’s the simple things in life…that mean the most.

I do want to say…I’ve been doing much better since then, and my TMJ is in remission in a sense.  I’m also feeling much better pregnancy wise too.  Thank you for all your prayers & love & support.  They seem to be working!

Monday, August 29, 2011

Holy cow…we had fun!

For Jack’s 3rd birthday his Godfather, Braden, sent him a slip n slide.  To be honest Braden, when we got it in the mail I though oh no…someone is going to break something! Brad immediately told me to hush and that they would have a blast & that they did!!!

We finally got it set up Saturday morning, and with the help of their Daddy…the kids were launched down the slip n slide so many times that Brad was sore the next morning!

Yes, Madeline is naked and Jack is wearing his underwear.  I don’t know why my kids never have clothes on.  Oh the comforts & privacy of your own backyard…until you blog about it I guess!


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Did you happen to notice the ridiculous abundance of green grass in our backyard?  Due to the drought and water restrictions its all turned to desert out here.  Oh how I long for thick green St. Augustine grass!!!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Closer to him

I’ve been on a spiritual journey for some time now…as most of you know.  Religion is a private subject, and I respect all the different paths people take.  I hope that I haven’t lost any readers…I obviously quote Christian scripture often in my blog.  It’s become such a STRONG desire of mine to write what I write. 

With all that being said…I hope that we can


…if you will.

I hope that you never find yourself backed against a wall in life, but if you do…I hope that you have something in your life to turn to.

We recently welcomed a new little one into our family…Miss Julia Cay Chapman!  When Madeline met Julia…it all clicked!  She has become such a little natural momma!Fall2011 258

Fall2011 261Fall2011 276

Miss Julia Cay Chapman herself! 

Fall2011 282

Enjoying the outdoors before it gets too hot in the mornings has allowed my kids to be in their element.  Any combination of grass, dirt, sand, toys, with the least amount of clothing on makes them so happy!

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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Jack’s 1st Day of Pre K-3

Fall2011 326

Jack started preschool today!!! He has been waiting to go to school since open house! 

Fall2011 327

Fall2011 329

It was no easy feat getting him to look up and smile…the Transformer lunch box was much more interesting!

Fall2011 331Fall2011 340

We headed to school, and I really wasn’t worried about Jack and separation problems.  I walked him to their meeting spot on the playground and he sat right down with all the kids and was like “Bye Mom!!!”  I stood there for awhile and then thought…Well, I guess I need to go now :(

Maddy and I ran errands together, and then we headed to the gym for a quick 30 minute workout.  (Yes…I went back to the gym yesterday, which means I’ve had a couple decent days!!! I’m hoping it stays this way!!)  As I was going from place to place today I was so relaxed and chilled.  I didn’t realize how much easier it is to shop with just one!  I decided to only leave Jack from 9-12(which means skipping the “lunch bunch” group that stays till 2.)  I think 9-12 is plenty of time for now, and whenever I want I can switch back if I want him to stay longer.  When 12 o’clock rolled around I was so ready and excited to see him.  It felt really good to “miss” him.  I think this is going to be such a good experience for all of us!   When I walked up to pick him up he was so excited to tell me about the things he made and did!  It was so cute and he seemed so happy!

Fall2011 341

And…of course we can’t leave Miss Madeline out!  Do you see how big she’s getting???  She is so sweet, but very very sassy!  Lately she has been insisting on walking everywhere.  Her and Jack are starting to really play well together too, which is fun!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Day to Day

With this 3rd little angel in my belly I’ve had some tough days.  They are getting better though…

Being sick every day never knowing when you are going to feel better makes you think of those who are suffering from cancer, chronic pain, etc.  I want to be as strong as some of them…

Each morning I wake up, and it’s a struggle.  I hope that its not another day of survival.  I think of all the people who have it worse and I tell myself that I can do this…It’s going to get better…and I have to focus on my life rather than how sick I feel.  It’s spirit breaking, but I know I’m stronger than that.

Life is such a roller coaster.

I have a friend who writes and although she may not think it…she is beautifully inspiring.

She’s been having tough times lately too, and she recently started a “What I’m thankful for…” list.  She adds to it each day.  I remember back in college I was in a rut…I googled “dealing with depression” and someone recommended starting a “What I’m thankful for…” list.  I typed a long list and taped in on my mirror in my apartment bathroom.  I read it every morning and night…and it was amazing how it helped.

In case you don’t get to check out her blog I’m gonna share some of her beautiful words with you.  I found them the other night just when I needed them.

2 Samuel 7:18

18 Then King David went in and sat before the LORD, and he said:
“Who am I, Sovereign LORD, and what is my family, that you have brought me this far?

The Author of the devotional (Chuck Swindoll) says:

"It's important that every once in a while we sit down, take a long look at our short lives, and count our blessings. Who are we to have been protected from the rains that fell and the strong winds that destroyed regions, leaving hundreds homeless? Who are we that He has blessed our house and kept it safe? Warm in the winter . . . cool in the summer. Who am I, Lord, that You should give me health and strength to be able to hold a job or pursue this career or get this degree? Or to have parents who have encouraged me? Or to have these great kids and to see them grow? Who am I?"

Who am I, Lord, that I should be so blessed to walk along this rich, amazing path? By your grace alone, I am who I am, where I am today. Who am I, Lord, that you would love me so much?

So I’m not always the greatest wife, mother, friend, cook, housekeeper, teacher, shopper, blogger, anything… But, by His grace alone, I am who I am. And He will work good in me and from me.                     By His grace alone.


Look at the beautiful family I was just born into.  My life could have been so different…so much harder with a lot less love. Thank you lord for giving me such a beautiful start…


I knew good things were in store for me, but I never imagined you giving me Brad.  He’s more than I could have ever asked for…absolutely one of the greatest ways you’ve shown your love for me. Loving him like I do…I never thought I could find a love so pure and strong…its through you that I love him. Thanks you—he’s so deserving--

Jack's 3rd Birthday 070

And then on top of all of that…two perfectly healthy, beautiful children that have been one of the biggest confirmations in life that you are my God, our creator, and you love us unconditionally.  I’m forever grateful.

Monday, August 15, 2011

I’m alive!!!

I was blogging like a crazy woman for awhile, and then…I quit cold turkey.

Not because I wanted to…I started getting so sick with this pregnancy!  I thought..I was going to..fall off the face of the earth, but I survived!

This past week I’ve started feeling better(to my amazement…I’m usually super sick until 12-14 weeks) but at 8 weeks today I can say that I’m not stuck in my bed all day.  WHAT A BLESSING!  I still have my rough moments each day, but they are “doable.”

Today I found out about someone else’s nightmare…a beautiful person lost her husband and a precious little girl lost her daddy.  It’s a confusing story because when death strikes someone you know…its hard to understand how it could have happened.  Just how in the world did this happen to this precious family? My prayers are with them & I was hoping you could think of them too.  While reflecting on this today I was reminded of how thankful I am for the little secret (as I like to call it) that God let me in on when he took my Dad to heaven. 

It was eye opening, life changing, & I am forever grateful.

Losing my Dad showed me how precious life is, and today I’m thankful that I really understand that. 

----------So with all that being said-----------

On a lighter note…Jack is starting preschool next week!!! If you remember I researched preschools like crazy and found one that I knew was perfect for our family.  We went to open house last week, and so far so good!  Jack keeps asking me if he can go to school :) I love it, but I will say that I’m already missing him!

Miss Madeline is keeping right up with her brother lately!  She doesn’t miss ANYTHING…and she is super busy playing with her babies.  After meeting her cousin Julia it seems to have all clicked in her mommy brain and she knows just what to do!  So sweet…hopefully she’ll be just as helpful with the new baby!

Speaking of the new baby…he/she is due March 25th although with my c-section history we’ll probably deliver a week early.  I’m still waiting for all the nausea to go away so I can have tons of energy and clean up the mess that has accumulated since I got sick.

I have to give some love to my Brad---what a champ he’s been!  He has been bending over backwards for us lately, living in a messy house, eating meals that aren’t cooked, and still loving me unconditionally while I lay on the couch all afternoon gagging.  Thank you so much…there’s no way we could do it without you…we love you!