Monday, August 29, 2011

Holy cow…we had fun!

For Jack’s 3rd birthday his Godfather, Braden, sent him a slip n slide.  To be honest Braden, when we got it in the mail I though oh no…someone is going to break something! Brad immediately told me to hush and that they would have a blast & that they did!!!

We finally got it set up Saturday morning, and with the help of their Daddy…the kids were launched down the slip n slide so many times that Brad was sore the next morning!

Yes, Madeline is naked and Jack is wearing his underwear.  I don’t know why my kids never have clothes on.  Oh the comforts & privacy of your own backyard…until you blog about it I guess!


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Did you happen to notice the ridiculous abundance of green grass in our backyard?  Due to the drought and water restrictions its all turned to desert out here.  Oh how I long for thick green St. Augustine grass!!!

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