Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Soaking them up…

It was a sunny afternoon, so when Brad got home from work we headed out to Destin.  There’s a spot on the beach with a playground and a few restaurants.  The kids played and Brennan snuggled because it was so cold.  So amazing to me how preschoolers don’t mind the cold, but Brennan…his little teeth were chattering so Brad snuggled him up and he was so content.


I love living here. 

I could stay…it’s just so far from home…and it breaks my heart how little the kids see their grandparents.

I guess we will see how it goes once the job hunt begins…in about 3 years.  3 years will go by fast.  Time goes by fast.  I’ve really LOVED my new understanding of this.  So long to always moving onto the next thing…you know what I’m talking about.  When you were in high school…you wanted to be a senior…when you were a senior you wanted to go to college…when you were in college you were ready to be done…then when you finished college you wanted to settle down and get married…then you got married and then you wanted to have kids…then you had kids…then you wanted them to walk or talk…and if you continue to do this in life then you find that while we are wishing for things in the future we are missing the future we wished for in the past. 


I know.

I wrote those bold print words in my special notebook when I was in high school.  My own little quote I created…but I only started doing it during residency…about 6 years after I had written it.  And I REALLY REALLY started do it lately. 





Jack and his imagination…I will never get tired of it! He is such a fun kid!


Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Back in November…

These are some pictures from Thanksgiving at David & Shelley’s! We had such a good time while we were there!disney 086

The older cousins bathed the younger cousins…Jack, Madeline & Audrey had a ball taking a bubble bath!!!

disney 090

disney 102disney 120disney 159

Madeline, Audrey, Brennan & Jack

disney 183disney 194

This night was seriously below 40 degrees outside.  It was FREEZING, but we all sat outside next to the fire and had such a good time!!  Such a great family to be a part of!!!!  I’m so thankful for these amazing people!

disney 208

Tuesday, February 5, 2013


disney 274

This is pretty much what I have from Christmas! I didn’t take too many pictures because sometimes the camera takes over the experience.  I snapped a few and then put it down & enjoyed our morning.  It was a fabulous Christmas this year…Next year Brad will be deployed for Christmas.  My heart aches thinking about it.  So this year I really wanted to just wake up in our home with our kids and have a lazy Christmas day full of playing, cooking & enjoying each other.  We did just that…no traveling no stress no timelines…it was nice.disney 306

disney 310disney 312disney 326

disney 340

Brennan…I know when you read this one day you might be really upset with me…but I had to put this picture.  It was too funny!  You are such a little mess…and are becoming a master escape artist after bath time and diaper changes and its hilarious and so frustrating, so I think I might be paying you back!

disney 348

Little angel!