Wednesday, April 29, 2009

there's a lot to be done today!

cabinet locks and gates for the stairs...there's no more postponing! this morning jack accomplished this....

Monday, April 27, 2009

Bath Time!

Jack has become quite active during bath time. He doesn't just lay on his yellow sponge anymore! He crawls from one end to the other, and he's started pulling up on the side...which makes me a little nervous. I bought him some boats the other day thinking he'd just love them, but the bath wash was much more interesting...go figure! The other day he was crawling in the tub...he looked up at me and smiled then dunked his face under water...then looked up at me and started laughing. There is no doubt he is 100% boy!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

"we're climbing two by two"

Jack started pulling up the other first on Brad...then on the couch all by himself! What a big boy! He probably would have clapped his hands afterwards if he could have let days he claps after every success...including getting people to wave back to him. He waves at everyone and when they wave back...well...they get applauded.

"Celebrate we will
Because life is short but sweet for certain
Were climbing two by two" ~dave matthews band

Monday, April 20, 2009

a nutritionist a day will keep the doctor away!

We went to the nutritionist today one seemed too worried! Jack went back up to the 10th percentile in weight, and he has actually been eating better this last week. The nutritionist contributed the problems to ear infections as well. She said to just get as much in him as we can...particularly 690 calories minimum daily. She gave us some ideas for adding more calories to what he already eats too. She said we could add any fats/oils(veg. oil, olive oil, butter, etc.) to his food, and she gave us the okay to start him on meats. We also saw the doc. for his 9 mth well baby and she said Jack was doing fine because he was meeting all his milestones and his length and head are charting well. I am a very happy momma!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

my little big boy

Jack is getting too big for me...and today I dressed him in jeans and a little oxford shirt and he looked like a big boy and I wasn't sure if I was okay with that. He was super cute though.

Most of you know Jack is crawling now...and boy is he crawling...all---over---the---place! He also claps his hands, waves hello to everyone he sees, and says "a dog" when he sees one! He does kisses but hasn't learned how to blow them yet.

We are seeing the doctor tomorrow for his 9 mth well baby....and the nutritionist. Yes...nutritionist...because Jack has slowly fallen to the 5th percentile in weight over the past 3 months. We've been keeping an eye on it with weight checks and at our last appt. we decided it was time to see a nutritionist. Jack eats but doesn't like to drink his formula which is a problem b/c that should be his main source of nutrition. He loves to feed himself with finger foods though! So we've been munching on things like Mum Mums, graham crackers, Puffs, Cheerios, banana bread, muffins, Gerber fruit bars, diced cooked carrotts, avocados, diced fruit(apples, peaches, pears, bananas), and pastas! He loves them all! And yes...I've tried holding out on eating anything until he drinks his milk....he'll fast all day. I always offer milk first....and wait and wait....and offer. Nope---he won't have it and he's very clear about it. thoughts are....the culprit might be ear infections. We'll see I guess...and hopefully the nutritionist will have some good advice.

Saturday, April 18, 2009


The Easter Bunny traveled all the way to San Antonio a few days early to drop off Jack's Easter basket because he knew we were going to be in Lake Charles for Easter Sunday and Daddy wouldn't want to miss Jack's very first Easter :) He brought Jack all kinds of fun things...DVDs, books, baby crayons, a sailboat, and a very fun Helicoptor...He also threw in some Reeses Eggs for Daddy...what a thoughtful Easter Bunny.

Jack was so cute and loved his Helicoptor the best! Thank you Easter Bunny for making that seperate trip so we could all enjoy Jack opening his 1st Easter basket together!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

All my bags are packed...I'm a ready to go!

After a fabulous week in Orlando it was time to head to Granger, Indiana to visit Mary and her family for a week! We flew into Chicago and took a train to Granger. We were totally expecting cold weather, but it was in the 50s and 60s all week! We had such a great time just hanging out and taking a vacation from vacation if you know what I mean. Disney was so intense every day, so it was nice to sleep in and hang out. During the week at Mary's Jack started army crawling which quickly led to real crawling and sitting up from a laying position. Since we flew into Chicago we were also flying out of Chicago on Sunday, so for the weekend Brad, Mary and I went to Chicago. We went to the Field Museum and did some shoppping and lots of walking downtown. At the field museum we hung out with Sue(the world's largest, most complete and most famous T. rex), saw a Pirates exhibit which included real pirates treasure, and saw mummies(a couple were unwrapped....amazing how well preserved they were...and a little uncomfortable) I must say Chicago is a really pretty city....soooo very clean too! We ate at a great restaurant for brunch...and boy did we eat! We also had to try Chicago's famous deep dish pizza which was fabulous too! And for all you weary priceline people out there...we pricelined a hotel and go the Hilton for $65 a night right near Millenium Park!

The Bean

Lake Michigan-
Check out that blue water!

mmmmm !


Jack with Aunt Mary on the train!