Monday, April 20, 2009

a nutritionist a day will keep the doctor away!

We went to the nutritionist today one seemed too worried! Jack went back up to the 10th percentile in weight, and he has actually been eating better this last week. The nutritionist contributed the problems to ear infections as well. She said to just get as much in him as we can...particularly 690 calories minimum daily. She gave us some ideas for adding more calories to what he already eats too. She said we could add any fats/oils(veg. oil, olive oil, butter, etc.) to his food, and she gave us the okay to start him on meats. We also saw the doc. for his 9 mth well baby and she said Jack was doing fine because he was meeting all his milestones and his length and head are charting well. I am a very happy momma!

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Haley said...

Great news- I've been thinking about him since we saw you guys last week, so I'm glad everything is good!