Friday, January 30, 2009


Brad and I were going to take a trip to Vegas...but then we found out about a deal for Active Duty or Retired military. They are giving out one free 5-day pass to all 4 parks and $99 5-day passes for family members to Disney World from now until December 2009. Since this is such a great deal we decided we needed to take advantage of it, so we are going to Disney World in March! I'm so excited because I've never been! Brad's parents are so kindly coming with us to help with Jack so Brad and I can ride rides together! After Disney we are flying to see Mary(Brad's sister) in Indiana for a week, then we are flying home. Mary doesn't live far from Chicago, so we'll probably spend a couple of night there too! I can't wait! So as before...if there are any special things we need to know about Disney please let me know!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

after this its time to move on...Christmas is over

I just got the rest of our Christmas pictures from my parents camera.
My parents with Jack
a little family photo

Jack loving....and still loving...his Christmas present from Granna(my mom)

little sweet thing
Jack with his Aunt Jess
*Teething Update-its official...Jack is now a proud owner of two white pearls....they are still working their way in, but they have definitely broken through. He had a pretty rough day yesterday...and the night before. I kept the Orajel on and gave Tylenol once. He wasn't interested in nursing AT ALL which was tough. It's bad enough to get one tooth...but he was getting two at once! Anyways...he's doing great this morning. Maybe I can get a picture sooner or later...he doesn't like to show his new teeth for some reason though. He actually shuts his lips together really tight when you try to look!

Also---Brad and I are planning a trip to Vegas---alone---can you believe it? When we were preparing for marriage our priest always emphasized how important it would be to get away and plan time for just the two of us. So, thats what we are doing....we are going to visit Aunt Mary in Indiana, and then we are going to Vegas for three nights...just the two of us. I'm a little nervous...but I'm going to push through it...I'm sure its just a temporary phase...hopefully. I'm really excited though! So I'm bringing this up b/c if you've been to Vegas and there are any great places we need to know about please let me, restaurants...anything! I always love to get info. from firsthand experiences when planning a trip.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

6.5 months...already.

Its been awhile....and things are still going great! Jack has started doing some funny things lately. He likes to play spit and cough...if you do it he'll copy you...and it goes on and on and on! He's pretty much sitting up now...every once in awhile he takes a tumble though. I've been using the bobby to break the fall. Those swollen gums I had mentioned awhile back are more than just gums now! You can actually see a tooth coming through, which has had a lot to do with Jack's lack of appetite. He's not too fussy though which is suprising. We are loving our new car...its amazing to have room. I drove it home to Lake Charles last week and it made such a difference! While I was home I took some pictures of enjoy!

Jack with my Dad


Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Finally...we did it!

Once I had Jack and started traveling with him...and packing all that needs to go with him...I started getting the itch for a bigger car. Brad wanted to wait until Baby #2 was on the way, but if you know me well, once I get my mind set on something I can't get it off :) So, eventually I started researching cars, and I even made up a family budget(which took forever by the way) to show Brad that we could definitely afford a new car. Once I did all that I started looking for cars, and then I found one, and then I bought it :) Now I have a new 2008 Toyota Highlander. It looks just like the top picture of an older post. Its color is blizzard pearl, it seats up to 7 people, and I LOVE IT! I was really trying to decide between it and the 4 Runner, and after driving the Highlander and getting in and out of the 4 Runner I was sold on the Highlander. The Highlander is on a car base, so it actually drives just like the Camry(very smooth), and its lower to the ground. For short people like me....thats important, especially when you have to lift up to put infant seats in and out of your car. I'm having leather seats put in, so I will actually receive the car tomorrow. I'll post pics when I get it!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Belly laughs

Our nephew Braden was playing with Jack in this video, and Jack was being quite entertained! I guess I need to get a football pretty soon :)

Thursday, January 8, 2009

My car is shrinking!

Well...its car definitely started shrinking 6 months ago, and with that we have begun car shopping. Our top choices are the Toyota 4Runner 2006-2008, Toyota Highlander 2008, and Ford Expedition 2007-2008. Our best fit is probably going to be the 2008 Highlander. It has a third row seat that isn't suffocating, gets decent gas mileage, is dependable, is easier to get in and out of, drives smoothly because its on a car base, and its a TOYOTA, which you can't beat. The 4 Runners are great, but most don't have a 3rd row seat. If they do there is really no cargo space. The Expeditions are great too, but really they are bigger than what we really need, and overall Toyotas have a better resale value and reliability record. Buying a car is scary and exciting at the same time. If anyone who reads my blog owns any of our top choices I'm open to any info. you have to offer.

Here are some pics of the 2008 Toyota Highlander. The color I'm looking at right now is called blizzard pearl like the one in the top picture.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

World's Fair

Brad went to the World's Fair in 1984, which was in New Orleans. While I was busy making my entrance into the world, he was about 3 years old and walking around attending a historical event. Anyways, his mom saved his t-shirt and gave it to me when Jack was born. Here's Jack wearing it! I was trying to get a pic of him sitting up, but I couldn't snap it fast enough without him falling, so I'm balancing him with my legs :)

Monday, January 5, 2009

Highland Coffee

While Brad and I were going to LSU we basically lived at a coffee shop called Highland Coffee. It was right off campus...and it was the coziest place. We went in the morning...middle of the night...whenever. We studied there mostly, and I occasionally wondered around reading various greeting cards or looking at all the stuff they had to sell when I needed a break from studying. It was a great place with excellent coffee and sweet treats, and we have many many memories from there. Since we had Braden's wedding this past weekend in Baton Rouge we made sure to go visit our old stomping grounds. Here are a few pics.

Holiday Pics

Jack with his Aunt Jess

Jack in his new sleeping position...nice and relaxed!

My parents bought Jack a Rainforest Jumperoo for Christmas. He LOVES it! I would highly recommend this toy!

the Holidays

The holidays were funfilled and very very busy! Brad was able to take a week off, so we went home to Lake Charles. We spent Christmas Eve at my parents house and Christmas Day at Brad's house. Jack got so many new fun toys, and he loves them all. He also started sitting up! We have to be close by though because he isn't super steady just yet, but he definitely can sit up on his own! I'm also starting to notice two swollen bumps on his I'm assuming we'll be seeing some teeth pretty soon!

We also had our nephew Braden's wedding to attend in Baton Rouge. Congrats Braden and Camille! We are so excited for you two!

I'm going to post new pics soon, but for now I wanted to put up a video of my sisters enjoying Jack on Christmas Eve. It's hilarious...and I'm sure they are going to kill me for putting it on my blog, but its too cute to not show everyone!