Thursday, January 22, 2009

6.5 months...already.

Its been awhile....and things are still going great! Jack has started doing some funny things lately. He likes to play spit and cough...if you do it he'll copy you...and it goes on and on and on! He's pretty much sitting up now...every once in awhile he takes a tumble though. I've been using the bobby to break the fall. Those swollen gums I had mentioned awhile back are more than just gums now! You can actually see a tooth coming through, which has had a lot to do with Jack's lack of appetite. He's not too fussy though which is suprising. We are loving our new car...its amazing to have room. I drove it home to Lake Charles last week and it made such a difference! While I was home I took some pictures of enjoy!

Jack with my Dad


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SANDY said...

Okay I think I've mentioned this before but his hair looks so RED...who's side of the family does he get it from? ~ Sandy