Tuesday, January 27, 2009

after this its time to move on...Christmas is over

I just got the rest of our Christmas pictures from my parents camera.
My parents with Jack
a little family photo

Jack loving....and still loving...his Christmas present from Granna(my mom)

little sweet thing
Jack with his Aunt Jess
*Teething Update-its official...Jack is now a proud owner of two white pearls....they are still working their way in, but they have definitely broken through. He had a pretty rough day yesterday...and the night before. I kept the Orajel on and gave Tylenol once. He wasn't interested in nursing AT ALL which was tough. It's bad enough to get one tooth...but he was getting two at once! Anyways...he's doing great this morning. Maybe I can get a picture sooner or later...he doesn't like to show his new teeth for some reason though. He actually shuts his lips together really tight when you try to look!

Also---Brad and I are planning a trip to Vegas---alone---can you believe it? When we were preparing for marriage our priest always emphasized how important it would be to get away and plan time for just the two of us. So, thats what we are doing....we are going to visit Aunt Mary in Indiana, and then we are going to Vegas for three nights...just the two of us. I'm a little nervous...but I'm going to push through it...I'm sure its just a temporary phase...hopefully. I'm really excited though! So I'm bringing this up b/c if you've been to Vegas and there are any great places we need to know about please let me, restaurants...anything! I always love to get info. from firsthand experiences when planning a trip.