Sunday, December 8, 2013

Tutus & Dirt

My kids LOVE to play outside in the sand…AKA Florida’s dirt!  Under the grass is actually sand!  The kids love it and and would play in it all day!


My Brennan buddy!  Brennan was about 16 months in this picture!!


Madeline’s 1st Day of Ballet (age 3)

In August my sweet Madeline started Ballet!  She thinks it’s the best thing ever! She is an awesome listener in class and does everything the teacher tells her to do! 


Love that little bun!

Thursday, December 5, 2013


I don’t know where to begin!  It’s been so long…again…and I miss my blog!  My life is filled with blessings lately….and oh so very busy!  The kids are doing so great, and I couldn’t be more thankful for that.  I’ll try and catch up a bit! 

Here’s our trip to the pumpkin patch!  Our visit was a classic trip for us anywhere we go…Jack and Madeline exploring in their good nature and Brad and I chasing after Brennan the whole time making sure he stays safe.  Brennan is one of a kind…a very adventurous little guy to say the least!  We had a blast!



Friday, August 30, 2013

Monday, August 19, 2013

Jack’s 1st Day of Kindergarten


Am I seriously writing about Jack starting Kindergarten?  I can’t believe it! 

It’s been so long since I’ve blogged…and I guess during that time life has been happening.  I am going to try really hard to get caught up and try to blog more often.  I love love love looking back through my posts…such a great way to remember our life! 


Well as you can see…Jack has started Kindergarten.  I worried myself to death about how he would do, but it turns out he wasn’t worried at all!  He woke up this morning and said, “Dad, I’m so excited!” 


Madeline is such a great little sister to Jack, usually putting up with him and all of his “boy interests”(sharks, zombies, lego’s, dinosaurs, army men) while always…always being the girliest girl with her little sweet nature.

You see that look Brennan has on his face in the picture above…that’s his look right before he starts to become a little mess! 


And there he goes!  Brennan is ummm…I don’t know how to describe him!  BUSY BUSY BUSY pushes all my buttons busy funny silly goofy into everything rocking my world kinda busy!!!


When Jack tried on his backpack he said, “I’m a real school guy!!!”  Totally melted my heart!!!This little boy has been such a blessing.  He is such a happy kid…very cautious…very thoughtful…very imaginative and just a sweetheart.  I am so excited to start this journey…very bittersweet though.  I don’t love that some one else gets him more than me each day…


This afternoon we all picked him up from school, and he was so happy and content!  He even got a “Tiger” reward for being patient and kind on his first day!  What a blessing~

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Summer happenings!

On a whim Brad decided we would go camping in our backyard :) It made me smile.  I loved going camping as a kid…some of my favorite memories were camping.  We’ve been wanting to go, but haven’t been able to pull it together, so instead we camped in the backyard. 

Jack & Madeline thought it was the greatest thing ever. 

They helped Brad set up the tent, collect wood for the fire & make all the necessary preparations to get it all set up! 

My heart was so warm watching their faces…their excitement and sense of adventure…hearing their laughter…

I sat by the fire with Brad thinking there is no place I’d rather be…there is nothing I could possibly want in this moment other than it just to continue. 

Maddy3May 155

Maddy3May 158

Maddy3May 162

For Christmas Jack got an ant farm, and our ants finally arrived.  Jack is my science guy!  He was so excited when the ants came in the mail!

Jack is so excited about kindergarten…I was explaining to him why we had to get shots for K and how they fight the bad bugs so we don’t get sick, and he said, “oh shots have soldiers in them!” I love the way you think Jack. I can’t believe someone else gets you 5 days a week next year…its breaking my heart…

This reminds me…the other day we were passing a bunch of RV’s and you said, “Oh that’s car living! I wanna do car living” …so funny.

Maddy3May 163Maddy3May 167Maddy3May 175

Madeline is my free spirited…high maintenance…daddy’s little girl for sure…and momma’s only little girl! With this combination we have to be very careful not to spoil this little darling! Brad danced her around the kitchen like this one evening, and she was on top of the world. 

I watched them dance and my eyes filled with tears thinking of her wedding day when the love of my life would give his little girl away...and they’d dance.  I know how fast it will come. 

Maddy3May 178Maddy3May 180Maddy3May 183

Brennan…oh my.  He sat and watched Brad & Madeline dance from the couch.  I had to snap a picture…he thought it was the silliest thing.  Brennan…you are so busy I just don’t know if I will be able to catch up with you…you go through every thing you can possibly get your hands on…its quite a mess…but you are so sweet, snuggly and for sure…our baby.

Maddy3May 186

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Happy 3rd Birthday Madeline!

Maddy3May 027Maddy3May 031Maddy3May 032Maddy3May 049Maddy3May 072Maddy3May 079Maddy3May 088Maddy3May 119Maddy3May 122Maddy3May 124

I can’t believe Madeline is 3! We had a Princess party of course!  She had a ball! Madeline loves to have a good time.  She is so free spirited!  She was all smiles the whole time!