Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Sweet summer days…

Summer2011 204

After the train ride…there was of course ice cream!

Summer2011 213Summer2011 222Summer2011 224Summer2011 237

OH…they were so sweet! Jack was being so sweet and sharing with his sister….

Summer2011 240

Even after she tried to swipe his popsicle from him…

Summer2011 241

He still shared…and shared…and now while I’m writing this post I have no idea why we didn’t buy her a popsicle of her own.  I think I know what it is…it hasn’t quite dawned on us that she is growing up!  She’s becoming a big girl…she isn’t so much a baby anymore.  I was pregnant for her when Jack was 12 months old…Madeline is working on 15 months.  I’m just not quite ready yet.  I know I want more kids…but the question is when, when, when…no perfect time I suppose!

Summer2011 243Summer2011 252Summer2011 282

Her is Madeline and…her cup.  I am very surprised that the blanket isn’t in these pictures..the beloved blankie.  Yes..we have one of those & my little angel loves it more than anything…so we keep it around :)

Summer2011 283

Monday, June 20, 2011

Oh what a day!

We went to Landa Park with Brad’s parents while they were visiting.  It turned out to be such a fun day with many adventures!  I actually will have to break the pictures up because I just have too many! Plus, how can a mommy choose?

Summer2011 019

Getting ready to head out is about a 15 minute process in toddler world, but its worth it ;) Summer2011 020Summer2011 034 copy

The classic Bawcom family baby goober face!

Summer2011 043

Me and my sweet Jack!  Let me just brag for a minute…although he has his terrible 2 yr. old moments…Jack is such an easy kid!  He pretty much listens and does what I tell him to all the time, which is a lifesaver.  If it weren’t for his behavior I wouldn’t be able to do as much by myself! Thank you sweet baby for being such an angel!

Summer2011 048

Our ongoing attempt at a family picture where both children look happy and we aren’t trying to make them laugh by doing silly things!

Summer2011 050

Summer2011 069

Little miss Madeline…oh my goodness! I just don’t what to say! She’s busy! She’s hilarious! She’s determined! She’s my Mady Maddy uh…this is an ongoing argument…I say Mady.

Summer2011 074Summer2011 075Summer2011 081

A little brotherly sisterly love for ya…

Summer2011 088

A little Nana & Pop Pop love for ya…

 Summer2011 090Summer2011 094

Summer2011 105

I just can’t put into words what kind of Dad Brad is…those kids adore him and he loves them in an incredible way.  He is like a little light in their lives…when tantrums are breaking out, Momma’s freaking out, and sh*t is hitting the fan…their Daddy turns everything around and makes us all laugh.  He has such an amazing way of making life beautiful and special all the time…it’s a gift that I pray for.  We love you sweetheart! To the best daddy in the world!

Summer2011 108Summer2011 117

Look at my baby’s curls…such a lovey!

Summer2011 125

Summer2011 132Summer2011 133Summer2011 153

What’s an adventure without a train…seriously?

Summer2011 162Summer2011 167Summer2011 170Summer2011 176Summer2011 189Summer2011 198


Saturday, June 18, 2011

Happy Birthday Day sweet Dad!


Today is your special day, and I wish I was with you.  I miss you so much Dad, and I hope that you still read my blog.  I thought I’d said it all…I made so many last minute trips home to see you…spent so many late nights talking to you in your chair, but sitting hear now I realize I forgot to say a lot.  Losing you has taught me how precious life is…a lesson I don’t think I’d understand if you hadn’t passed away. 

I just read a book called the Help.  It was set in Jackson, MS during the civil rights movement…you were already 20 yrs. old and just a few hours away in New Orleans.  I wish I had realized that you were that age during such a historical time…I would have asked you so many questions.  You would have had so much to say…I would have loved to hear your thoughts, feelings, memories…

We found all of your “stuff.”  I know you know what I’m talking about.  Dad, you were such a beautiful person.  The letters people wrote about you were so touching…I didn’t know how spiritual you were.  I’m so thankful you were so close to God. They talked about how dedicated you were to children…often working countless hours without accepting any money.  They said you were a man of your word, compassionate, and so dedicated.  I wish I could have read all those letters with you…I want you to know that I always knew you were an amazing person, but now I REALLY KNOW.  I’m so proud to call you my Dad.

Jessica will be having her baby any day now…we all wish you were here to see sweet little Julia.  Jack & Madeline are getting so big, and Dad…Jack is so smart and creative.  You would be so impressed with all that he can do :)  They are my little joys in life, and they keep me going everyday. 

There are days when it hurts so bad losing you…I thought it would get easier with time, but we are coming up on the one year anniversary of losing you and if feels like its getting harder.  Someone told me it would be the second year…I see what they mean now.  I guess its starting to sink in and the numbness is starting to fade away.  I miss you soooooo much.

Dad, I hope we convinced you to do the right thing.  When I was sitting in your hospital room I know I was pushing you to do the surgery.  I thought it was your best chance at living, but now I look back and I feel bad…we were talking about your life…we all wanted what was best for you…but you were so unsure and so worried, and a part of me feels like we pushed too hard.  I am so much more careful with my words now.  When we were walking you down to surgery I didn’t know it was going to be my last time with you…I was so sick to my stomach and lightheaded.  I thought I was going to pass out, and I just think of your face sitting in that hospital bed.  You were so afraid….I can’t quit thinking about that last hug I gave you and how I kissed you and then you started to cry.  I would have given you such a bigger hug…and I would have looked you in the face and said I love you…Dad, I loved you so much.  I hope I showed you that.  I hope you know that I thought you were unbelievable

Happy birthday sweet Daddy…what I would do to be with you now…I love you.


Friday, June 17, 2011


Poppopgun 001

I know I’ve blogged about how much Jack loves dinosaurs before…

Poppopgun 002

Well ladies & gentlemen, they are still on the top of his list!  They rank very high in Jack’s world! So more often than not, when its time to pick a topic to expand on….DINOSAURS it is!

Poppopgun 011

We read about dinosaur fossils, so we had to make some of our own!  Using play doh we made dinosaur footprints and skin prints!

Poppopgun 004

Then Jack got clever and decided to do Buzz’s footprint!

Poppopgun 009Poppopgun 014Poppopgun 015Poppopgun 016Poppopgun 018

Doing Buzz’s footprint quickly turned in to comparing and contrasting Dinosaurs & Buzz!  Jack was more into this than I had thought he’d be!  With a little prompting he was able to come up with a lot of this on his own. 

Poppopgun 019

And this picture below has nothing to do with our dinosaur adventure, but I thought everyone should see how my sweet husband dressed my little girl for bed one night!  How creative huh?

Poppopgun 023

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Paint, Play doh & More!

Jack loves to do organized activities.  I try my best to do something special with him each day, but with Miss Priss, housework, etc. I get stretched pretty thin sometimes.  That is why I decided to put Jack in a part time preschool program next year.  I think he will really love going to school, and I’m looking forward to going to all the activities too!  All things considered…I think we get a pretty good amount of fun things in though!

Summer2011 002Summer2011 006

We play with Play Doh pretty often!  Jack LOVES to cut it, make worms, and use cookie cutters to cut out shapes! 

Summer2011 009

We paint a lot too!  I let him paint or design whatever he wants, and recently we started making stories to go with his paintings!

Summer2011 010

We start with a plan, which consists of the beginning, middle & end.  I of course do the drawing, but Jack tells me his story and I draw pictures to represent what he is saying.  It’s so cute because he pays close attention to what I’m drawing.  I love seeing him connect what he’s saying to the pictures!

Summer2011 012

Then after we plan our story out, I write it down for him.  He watches every move I make!  After we read it together!

Summer2011 013

I always hang up what we’ve been working on!  My house is a house for KIDS!