Friday, June 17, 2011


Poppopgun 001

I know I’ve blogged about how much Jack loves dinosaurs before…

Poppopgun 002

Well ladies & gentlemen, they are still on the top of his list!  They rank very high in Jack’s world! So more often than not, when its time to pick a topic to expand on….DINOSAURS it is!

Poppopgun 011

We read about dinosaur fossils, so we had to make some of our own!  Using play doh we made dinosaur footprints and skin prints!

Poppopgun 004

Then Jack got clever and decided to do Buzz’s footprint!

Poppopgun 009Poppopgun 014Poppopgun 015Poppopgun 016Poppopgun 018

Doing Buzz’s footprint quickly turned in to comparing and contrasting Dinosaurs & Buzz!  Jack was more into this than I had thought he’d be!  With a little prompting he was able to come up with a lot of this on his own. 

Poppopgun 019

And this picture below has nothing to do with our dinosaur adventure, but I thought everyone should see how my sweet husband dressed my little girl for bed one night!  How creative huh?

Poppopgun 023

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