Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Sweet summer days…

Summer2011 204

After the train ride…there was of course ice cream!

Summer2011 213Summer2011 222Summer2011 224Summer2011 237

OH…they were so sweet! Jack was being so sweet and sharing with his sister….

Summer2011 240

Even after she tried to swipe his popsicle from him…

Summer2011 241

He still shared…and shared…and now while I’m writing this post I have no idea why we didn’t buy her a popsicle of her own.  I think I know what it is…it hasn’t quite dawned on us that she is growing up!  She’s becoming a big girl…she isn’t so much a baby anymore.  I was pregnant for her when Jack was 12 months old…Madeline is working on 15 months.  I’m just not quite ready yet.  I know I want more kids…but the question is when, when, when…no perfect time I suppose!

Summer2011 243Summer2011 252Summer2011 282

Her is Madeline and…her cup.  I am very surprised that the blanket isn’t in these pictures..the beloved blankie.  Yes..we have one of those & my little angel loves it more than anything…so we keep it around :)

Summer2011 283

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