Sunday, June 5, 2011

Paint, Play doh & More!

Jack loves to do organized activities.  I try my best to do something special with him each day, but with Miss Priss, housework, etc. I get stretched pretty thin sometimes.  That is why I decided to put Jack in a part time preschool program next year.  I think he will really love going to school, and I’m looking forward to going to all the activities too!  All things considered…I think we get a pretty good amount of fun things in though!

Summer2011 002Summer2011 006

We play with Play Doh pretty often!  Jack LOVES to cut it, make worms, and use cookie cutters to cut out shapes! 

Summer2011 009

We paint a lot too!  I let him paint or design whatever he wants, and recently we started making stories to go with his paintings!

Summer2011 010

We start with a plan, which consists of the beginning, middle & end.  I of course do the drawing, but Jack tells me his story and I draw pictures to represent what he is saying.  It’s so cute because he pays close attention to what I’m drawing.  I love seeing him connect what he’s saying to the pictures!

Summer2011 012

Then after we plan our story out, I write it down for him.  He watches every move I make!  After we read it together!

Summer2011 013

I always hang up what we’ve been working on!  My house is a house for KIDS!

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