Monday, June 20, 2011

Oh what a day!

We went to Landa Park with Brad’s parents while they were visiting.  It turned out to be such a fun day with many adventures!  I actually will have to break the pictures up because I just have too many! Plus, how can a mommy choose?

Summer2011 019

Getting ready to head out is about a 15 minute process in toddler world, but its worth it ;) Summer2011 020Summer2011 034 copy

The classic Bawcom family baby goober face!

Summer2011 043

Me and my sweet Jack!  Let me just brag for a minute…although he has his terrible 2 yr. old moments…Jack is such an easy kid!  He pretty much listens and does what I tell him to all the time, which is a lifesaver.  If it weren’t for his behavior I wouldn’t be able to do as much by myself! Thank you sweet baby for being such an angel!

Summer2011 048

Our ongoing attempt at a family picture where both children look happy and we aren’t trying to make them laugh by doing silly things!

Summer2011 050

Summer2011 069

Little miss Madeline…oh my goodness! I just don’t what to say! She’s busy! She’s hilarious! She’s determined! She’s my Mady Maddy uh…this is an ongoing argument…I say Mady.

Summer2011 074Summer2011 075Summer2011 081

A little brotherly sisterly love for ya…

Summer2011 088

A little Nana & Pop Pop love for ya…

 Summer2011 090Summer2011 094

Summer2011 105

I just can’t put into words what kind of Dad Brad is…those kids adore him and he loves them in an incredible way.  He is like a little light in their lives…when tantrums are breaking out, Momma’s freaking out, and sh*t is hitting the fan…their Daddy turns everything around and makes us all laugh.  He has such an amazing way of making life beautiful and special all the time…it’s a gift that I pray for.  We love you sweetheart! To the best daddy in the world!

Summer2011 108Summer2011 117

Look at my baby’s curls…such a lovey!

Summer2011 125

Summer2011 132Summer2011 133Summer2011 153

What’s an adventure without a train…seriously?

Summer2011 162Summer2011 167Summer2011 170Summer2011 176Summer2011 189Summer2011 198


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