Thursday, June 2, 2011

Summer time…when the livings easy!

San Antonio is a fun place to live, but it gets HOT!  Good thing there are so many water/kid friendly things to do!  The other day we decided to break out our swimming pool(Thanks Aunt G) and let the kids cool off!  They had so much fun!


Watch out ladies! I just don’t know what to tell you, but Jack is already a ladies man!

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Madeline enjoyed our Sonic drink more than swimming!

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She become very protective of it when her brother needed a drink!  Good thing he’s so sweet and quickly shared with her!

Summer2011 069Summer2011 072

Who needs to waste time going inside to use the restroom?  I hate taking a break to go inside and potty too Jack! Let’s just work on our aiming and spare the house next time!


The Perry's said...

we've let Gavin do this way too many times, even in alley's around town, since bathrooms are HORRIBLE here. Now, he's started being inside the house and has to go pee, that he runs outside the door, pulls his pants down in the front yard, and just pees. Guess he's starting to think toilets are overrated!

Kate Dawson said...

If "the living's easy" is a post title- it's time for another baby!

Becky Bakes said...

Lol Kate! We are throwing up the idea...we will see!