Monday, May 24, 2010

Live, Laugh, Love

The past few weeks have been BUSY!  Aunt Jennifer came to visit for the week, and then we went to Lake Charles for the week.  While Aunt Jenny was in San Antonio we went to the zoo, and of course the fish were Jack’s favorite thing….AGAIN :)  While in Lake Charles we had my brother’s graduation, my nephew’s graduation & commissioning & a little party for everyone to meet Miss Madeline!  We even managed to squeeze in playing in the dirt & a few rain puddles…imagine that! We had such a great time visiting our family, but I have to say we missed Brad while we were gone!  Here are some pics from our adventures…

Summer2010 137 Summer2010 015 Summer2010 016 Summer2010 023 Summer2010 037 Summer2010 038 Summer2010 045 Summer2010 059 Summer2010 062

Uncle David & Aunt Mary!

Summer2010 080

 Summer2010 084 Summer2010 092

Summer2010 093

Congrats Braden on your graduation and commissioning!  We are SOOOO proud of you!

Summer2010 094 Summer2010 099 Summer2010 102

Congrats little brother on your graduation…I can’t believe you are all grown up!

Summer2010 111 Summer2010 113 Summer2010 123 Summer2010 124 Summer2010 132

Madeline at her little party….such a sweet girl!  I can’t believe 6 weeks have gone by!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Oh Jack!

For the majority of the time Jack is wonderful with Madeline, but I’m not gonna lie and say he hasn’t had his moments.  These moments always occur when I’m nursing Madeline & he decides he’s gonna test his boundaries…its been loads of fun :)

Through all of this….I’m trying to stay focused on the good moments! The other day I found Jack hanging out with her on her play mat…then he so graciously decided to share his balls with her, which I thought was very sweet.  When I noticed he started saying “nice!” And of course I praised him tons trying to encourage this good behavior.  He was so proud of himself!

Madeline1-3wks 004 Madeline1-3wks 007

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Life is busy, but GOOD!

Things have been going great! I will say I’m a very busy lady though!  I’m about to be even more busy too, since my help will be leaving Thursday, and I’ll be on my own.  I had originally planned to have help the first two weeks, but I ended up needing more help, so Brad’s parents(they are SAINTS!) came back for another week and a half…such a blessing!  This c-section is taking a little longer to heal unfortunately, but all things considered I think I’m doing pretty well. 

The kids are doing awesome!  Jack seems to be adjusting to Madeline pretty well, although sometimes when he wants me to come play with him and I am nursing her…he proceeds to show me where I can put her so I can come play with him :) Otherwise…he’s been great!  He gives her kisses and high fives..yes high fives…all the time!  He picks her little hand up and says “high five!”   Madeline is getting too big already…I can’t believe next Monday she will be one month old! 

IMG_0507  Madeline1-3wks 092

For some reason I always find my husband asleep with  my babies laying on him…I wonder why! Could it be the 80+ plus hour work weeks…hmmmm!

Madeline1-3wks 001

Jack has been taking care of Elmo like I take care of Madeline!

Madeline1-3wks 002 Madeline1-3wks 015

My three loves and greatest hate(the ps3) all in one picture…how nice!

Madeline1-3wks 016 Madeline1-3wks 027 Madeline1-3wks 033 Madeline1-3wks 080