Thursday, July 31, 2008

3 weeks old

check out the rolls :)
i haven't blogged in quite awhile...i guess that can show you just how busy i've been! having a newborn is a lot tougher than i thought it would be...although i wouldn't trade one moment of it for the world. night time has been about the same...feeding every couple of hours with usually one hour when jack just feels like hanging out..usually from 3-4 am :) other than the lack of sleep everything has been easy and lovely. getting out of the house is always a huge accomplishment if i actually do it though! we seem to have a hard time getting it together in the morning. once we do get out its always a good time...except that it becomes sort of a race. i try to feed jack right before we leave and then we have about 2 hours to get everything done before he's hungry again. feeding him in public is a bit of a challenge since we require an extravagant pillow setup to get him to latch on so usually its easier to just get back home for the next feeding rather than figure out how to get everything just right in some random dressing room. everyone has been suggesting pumping and giving him a bottle when i'm out which always sounded like the greatest idea until it came down to actually doing it and my heart kind of sank...and all the thoughts started filling my mind..what if he doesn't want me after i introduce a bottle?...and just the fact that its been an incredible bond between the two of us and i'm struggling with breaking it even if its just when we are out and about every once in awhile. well...i finally decided to give it a try today and thats why i'm blogging right now b/c my mom is giving jack his first bottle and he's taking it fine, but i can't watch...i can't stand it in fact so i had to find something to do rather than watch and cry...sounds silly but its true and i can't even begin to explain why i'm so attached. i guess once i start really experiencing the freedom that will come with giving him a bottle every once in awhile i will get over it. i guess we'll see.

i'm heading back to san antonio saturday. i didn't think being gone a week would be as hard as its been. i've loved being here with my parents and seeing everyone...but i have to say...jack and i both really really miss brad and we can't wait to see him ;)

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

1st Doctor's Appt.

Jack went to the doctor today! He is doing great...he's 8 lbs 8 oz now and 21 1/2 inches long! They said his length is in the 75th percentile and his weight is in the 50th percentile. I was very excited about his length...thank goodness he inherited his daddy's long legs! We have been doing well...our main focus has been trying to find time for sleep! Jack is eating every 1 1/2 to 2 hrs so I don't get much sleep at night, but atleast it has improved from the first few nights which was every hour. Other than the lack of sleep we've been great..I feel great and seem to have bounced back from having a c-section pretty well. I'm actually heading to Lake Charles Friday so my dad can meet Jack. If anyone will be in town make sure to give me a call so you can come see us!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

life is happening

i walked into the living room to this sweet moment the other day
mom was checking on jack...sadie has been very very curious
that's a happy daddy

check out those feet...jack definitely has his daddy's feet and long legs...thank goodness!

Friday, July 11, 2008

The Nearness of You

So here's our story...

My water broke in the middle of the night at 1:35 am. Quite interesting experience...I never thought my water would break. Brad and I had gone on a 2 mile walk the night before which was my due date...I had a few good strong contractions while walking but they went away by 10 pm when I went to sleep. All of the sudden I felt like I was going to pee all over myself and jumped out of bad faster than ever before...and sure enough like a water faucet between my legs, my water had broken. Luckily enough, I got off of my new mattress fast enough not to ruin it :) Brad woke up very quickly and kept saying how awesome this was...we were going to have our baby...but I was pretty freaked out by the whole thing. About 5 minutes after I started having contractions about 4 min. apart. After ten minutes we were in the car on the way to the hospital and they were 2-3 minutes apart and HURTING BAD. They felt totally different from braxton hicks. We got to the hospital and they gave me some pain meds for the contractions and it totally knocked me out. I was dialated only 1 cm. After about 4 hours I think...the meds started wearing off and I wanted an epidural. It didn't hurt AT ALL....I always thought it would. I was 3 cm at this point and they had started me on pitocin to speed up the contractions and hopefully get me dialating quicker. After your water breaks you have an increased risk of infection if you don't deliver within 18 hours. Jack didn't like the stronger contractions the pitocin brought on. His heart rate started going down with the really strong contractions so they took me off the pitocin. They made me turn on my side and gave me oxygen to see if that would help. I wasn't progressing fast enough without the pitocin. My doc said we'd try again in about 30 min. to give Jack a break...we tried and he still didn't like the strong contractions so they took me off the pitocin and put me back on oxygen again. After another 30 min. with no progression and a fever that started to spike(a sign of infection) we decided we needed to take Jack by c-section and off we went. Within 10 minutes Jack was born. I actually started feeling some pain during the surgery so they had to load me up on meds which made me extremely drowsy and out of it...I remember a few moments, but mostly could barely keep my eyes open and focused. Words cannot touch how Brad and I felt...this little boy has completely stolen our hearts. We always said we were they happiest people in the world...with Jack in our lives now I'm in awe at how when you think you couldn't be happier you find sooooooooo much more happiness. It's beautiful...absolutely beautiful. Things have been going well...we are home now and Jack is doing great. My mom is here and my dad is stable back in Lake Charles. Every moment has been great! Thanks to all of you who have been praying and thinking about my family and I ! I have quite a few phone calls to make...sorry if I haven't gotten back to you yet. I'm quite busy :) Pretty soon things should start working themselves out into more of routine and I'll have some free time! Until then I love all of you and can't wait to catch up!

Wednesday, July 9, 2008


Jack is here and healthy!!! 7.7lbs and 20 1/4 inches. Words cannot describe the way we feel right now. More to come later. Love you all.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008


my water just broke...Wed. morning 1:35 and i can't believe i'm makes me feel extremely nauseated and nervous and happy...


To make a long story dad's been really sick lately. the plan has always been for my mom to come to san antonio when i went into labor and stay with me for a couple of weeks...something we have always both dreamed of. since my dad has been sick we haven't been sure if she would be able to leave him to come or not. i was scheduled to induce today at 3:30 and she was going to come, but my dad hit a rough patch this morning and she knew she wouldn't be able to come today...which was really hard for her b/c more than anything she wanted to be here to see her first grandchild. while i would love to have her here...i understand that my dad needs her and also that i will be fine if she can't come, but i know she was really sad about possibly missing this special event. i had my appt. at 10:15 to see if things were more favorable for inducing, and i knew i would probably have to make a decision about what i wanted to do. basically i felt like i had two options--both with pros and cons.

option 1-I could induce, have the baby & get healed so I could get to Lake Charles to see my dad sooner. I've felt very stranded and helpless here in San Antonio these past few weeks. Being so close to my due date I haven't been able to be there to see my dad or just help my mom with him being in the hospital. This option though would mean my mom wouldn't be here to see her first grandchild being born..which is something I knew was very important to her, and the risk of having a c-section.

option 2- I could not induce...and my mom would possibly be able to come here for the delivery like I know she wants to...assuming that my dad gets stable before i go into labor. This would be risky though b/c my dad's health is sooo unpredictable right now, but atleast she would have the possibilty of being able to come, but this would also leave me pregant that much longer and still stuck here in san antonio away from my family at such a tough time.

This morning i had no idea what i should do. Anyways, i went to my appt. and talked to my doctor about everything that was going on. I have a wonderful caring doctor by the way...I feel sooo lucky. I told her i just wanted to do what was best for me and she did an exam to check my cervix and an ultrasound to see if we had to be worried about jack being too big if we go past my due date. She found that things were very unfavorable for an induction--my chance of having a c-section would be 50%--and waiting past my due date would be no big deal b/c right now jack is almost 7 lbs. and would maybe be 7.5 lbs. a week from now. so my decision was basically made for me...its best to wait for jack to come on his own..and that's just what we are going to do. She did say that normally after a week past your due date they like to induce for different medical that's what we have planned--to induce next week on wednesday if jack hasn't arrived by then.

i feel sooooo relieved. i truly believe that God is helping us through this...such a beautiful thing happening at the same time that such a sad thing is happening. i feel so much comfort though, and i know that only God could be the one to provide the relief and peace that i feel right now.

so like my doctor said...she could see me tonight, tomorrow night or next week to be induced. it's not in our hands though--and i feel so happy about that. usually i like to be in charge and making all the decisions..but this time..i'm completely okay with God doing it for me :) before i know it my little boy will be here...sweet and healthy...and that's all that matters.

due date day!

today is the day...that long awaited due date day. sorry baby yet...but happy due date day!

Monday, July 7, 2008

here's the game plan

I got an appt. to see my doctor at 10:15 tomorrow so she can check to see if I'm dialated at all. If I am we are going to induce at 3:30, if i'm not we are going to reschedule for Thurs. or Fri. I guess we'll see! Everyone's job is to pray that either I'll go into labor tonight...or that I'm dialated tomorrow. I can't believe this is almost over. I also wanted to apologize for so much complaining on my blog...I guess it's been may way of venting about all the discomforts without completely driving my husband crazy :) Pregnancy hasn't been that's been uncomfortable...but overall it's been the most amazing thing that has ever happened to me.

i guess i'm full of suprises

i've got the pregnancy blues. i remember the very special day two weeks ago when my doctor told me...she'd be suprised if i made it to my due date. all the hope and happiness that filled my eyes...

well i guess i'm going to suprise her :) SUPRISE--i did it...i've managed to stay pregnant and enjoy another 3:30 am blogging session. it's quite lovely.

since when do babies disengage? i'd read about how when you are really close to delivery you experience lightening or engagement--which is when the baby's head engages into the pelvic area to get ready for birth--yesterday around 10am i thought this wonderful experience--actually not so wonderful--had happened. all the sudden i felt like jack was waaaayyy down low...too was painful hips and lower back hurt really bad and i could hardly walk. i was okay with it though b/c i was thinking...okay this is it...he's coming soon. unfortunately i suprised myself again...i'm pretty sure he's disengaged or possibly my body made the necessary adjustments and now i have more room in that area. all i know is that i can walk better..and my hips don't hurt anymore. i'm guessing his head is not engaged anymore..or else i still wouldn't be able to walk like a normal person, right?

its 3:48 am. i'm wide awake. i'm completely over the waiting game. i'm scheduled to induce tues. I'm calling my doctor this morning though because we've decided that if i'm not dialated at all we are going to reschedule the induction for thurs. or fri. to give jack a little more time to come on his own.

i used to take naps during the day...recently i started forcing myself not to b/c i thought it was keeping me from sleeping well at night. i also found that if i took a walk in the evening it helped me sleep better too.

no nap + 1 mile walk = me awake at 3:30 am. i'm running out of tricks.

Saturday, July 5, 2008


Feeling unbelievably nauseous for 10 weeks- $1,000
Throwing up for 4 weeks-$2,000
Crazy stretching pains-$300
Growing out of maternity pants-$500
Shopping for bra sizes that hardly exist b/c your boobs
are beyond a normal size- $100
Itchy feet and hands-$300
Hardly being able to get off couches and beds on your own-$350
Swollen hands, feet, legs & face-$175
Bathroom urges every 10 minutes- $25
Countless lovely exams- $50

Having a beautiful baby boy growing inside my belly that I will forever be able to love---PRICELESS

Friday, July 4, 2008

"well it's 3 o'clock in the mornin'...."

it's really 4 o'clock in the morning...but as i sit here blogging...thinking...itching & contracting i can't help but think of the song...goodnight sweetheart. all i want to do is fall asleep, but after an hour of laying in bed...there's no use in fighting it anymore.

i saw my doc yesterday and since last thurs. i think she was expecting to find that things had moved further along than they have. my cervix is really soft...but not dilated at all. we scheduled to induce on tuesday, july 8th at 3:30...i'm just not sure what i want to do though...since inducing does increase your risk of having a c-section...i'm suddenly finding myself a little more hesitant than i ever thought i'd be about actually doing it.

on top of just being extremely pregnant i have this rash on my feet and hands and it itches SOOOOOO bad. i've tried a couple things to help with the itching...but none of them really work. for the past few nights it's really kept me from sleeping well at all.

i've been having lots of contractions lately...i get to where i'm having them between 6 and 8 minutes a part and then they stop. very frustrating. although last night i was having the strongest contractions i've ever had every 5-6 minutes--things were getting pretty promising and then they stopped. i've been having them through the night every 20-30 minutes. who knows...maybe i'll go into labor on my own before tuesday and all this worrying about inducing will be for nothing. wishful thinking.

how are all of you doing? i miss all of you---

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

are you serious?

so there i was sleeping soundly in my bed...nice and 9 months pregnant...when my nephew comes and wakes me up b/c there is someone at the door saying they need to talk to me. he thinks they are someone important b/c he told them i was sleeping and they wanted him to wake me up. we are both assuming its someone wanting to check something on the house or the builder. so i roll over(which isn't easy) and get out of the bed and make my way down stairs with messy hair and sleepy eyes. i go to the door...and there stands one of the biggest idiots i've ever seen...i asked what he needed as he stared back realizing very quickly what an idiot he was as he noticed how pregnant and much asleep i'd been. he says...uhhh...we're selling steaks...and i said...that's it? you're selling steaks. he started backing up towards the street and continued on to say they were $3 a piece...i just stared at him the look of death...making it clear that he was indeed an idiot for asking my nephew to come and wake me up to ask me if i wanted to buy some steaks...he left quickly after my look. what is it with solicitors? i don't get it. my friend kayla next door put a sign on her doorbell saying "NO SOLICITORS, don't ring doorbell" b/c she puts her babies to sleep for a nap and they wake them up when they ring the doorbell. do you know..those goofs still will ring her doorbell? okay...i'm done going off...i was just sleeping so well, although i did need to get up. good morning america.