Monday, July 7, 2008

i guess i'm full of suprises

i've got the pregnancy blues. i remember the very special day two weeks ago when my doctor told me...she'd be suprised if i made it to my due date. all the hope and happiness that filled my eyes...

well i guess i'm going to suprise her :) SUPRISE--i did it...i've managed to stay pregnant and enjoy another 3:30 am blogging session. it's quite lovely.

since when do babies disengage? i'd read about how when you are really close to delivery you experience lightening or engagement--which is when the baby's head engages into the pelvic area to get ready for birth--yesterday around 10am i thought this wonderful experience--actually not so wonderful--had happened. all the sudden i felt like jack was waaaayyy down low...too was painful hips and lower back hurt really bad and i could hardly walk. i was okay with it though b/c i was thinking...okay this is it...he's coming soon. unfortunately i suprised myself again...i'm pretty sure he's disengaged or possibly my body made the necessary adjustments and now i have more room in that area. all i know is that i can walk better..and my hips don't hurt anymore. i'm guessing his head is not engaged anymore..or else i still wouldn't be able to walk like a normal person, right?

its 3:48 am. i'm wide awake. i'm completely over the waiting game. i'm scheduled to induce tues. I'm calling my doctor this morning though because we've decided that if i'm not dialated at all we are going to reschedule the induction for thurs. or fri. to give jack a little more time to come on his own.

i used to take naps during the day...recently i started forcing myself not to b/c i thought it was keeping me from sleeping well at night. i also found that if i took a walk in the evening it helped me sleep better too.

no nap + 1 mile walk = me awake at 3:30 am. i'm running out of tricks.


Lindsay and Ben's Baby Journy said...

Rebecca - Just wanted you and Brad to know that we'll be thinking of you this week! Hope Jack comes soon! Good luck!
Love, Lindsay & Ben

SANDY said...

Hey Rebecca, I'm sure you're getting anxious...walking is good, I remember walking around the rec center at Tulane and thinking it was doing nothing but Braylon came on time so maybe it did help. I also remember thinking that there was no way I was going to go into labor on my own and that happened too, so you never know...just hang in there and soon baby Jack will make his grand entrance! And I think you should show Brad how to sign in to your blog so he can post pictures right away :)