Saturday, July 2, 2011

Jack’s 3rd Birthday

Yes…I know…Jack is 3 already!  I just can’t believe it!  His actual b-day is July 9th, but we had to celebrate a little early since Brad will be heading to Dallas this month. 

I showed Jack a few different options for his birthday theme, and he chose FIRETRUCKS!  We had a pool party & the fire department came out for the kids to check out their truck & gear!  It was so exciting when they pulled up.  All the kids ran out to see them & the firemen were so nice.  I couldn’t believe they took the time to come out to Jack’s party!  The kids got to climb all through the truck & look at everything.  It was so much fun!

Jack's 3rd Birthday 150Jack's 3rd Birthday 152

I was so excited to have another reason to make another cake!  I made the decorations out of fondant, and I found these cute cupcake toppers at Williams Sonoma!

Jack's 3rd Birthday 166

When the fire truck rolled up all the kids jumped out of the pool and ran out to meet the firemen!  It was priceless!!!

Jack's 3rd Birthday 168Jack's 3rd Birthday 172Jack's 3rd Birthday 174Jack's 3rd Birthday 175Jack's 3rd Birthday 176Jack's 3rd Birthday 180

They were so nice to come out!  They even took out all their gear for the kids to look at!

Jack's 3rd Birthday 182Jack's 3rd Birthday 184Jack's 3rd Birthday 185Jack's 3rd Birthday 193Jack's 3rd Birthday 195Jack's 3rd Birthday 198Jack's 3rd Birthday 227

Here is the crew!!!

Jack's 3rd Birthday 229

Jack & his buddy Kyle running back to eat pizza!

Jack's 3rd Birthday 237Jack's 3rd Birthday 239Jack's 3rd Birthday 244Jack's 3rd Birthday 260

Happy Birthday to my sweet Jack!  You make our lives so much fun and we LOVE you soooo much!!!

Jack totally gets birthdays now, and he was so excited all week looking forward to his special day!  I just want to thank all of our great friends who came out to celebrate with us.  Ya’ll made a birthday without family seem like one!  Jack was just tickled to know that all the kids had come to celebrate his birthday with him!  We are so lucky to have all of you in our lives!

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Jack's 3rd Birthday 273

And…here is the princess!

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