Saturday, July 23, 2011

Last Call

If you read my blog regularly you'd know that the end of May and June were pretty rough months for me. The loss of my Dad had finally "hit" me...hard. I was losing control of my life, and finding myself with all the symptoms of depression. I sat next to Brad one night..."I think I'm depressed Brad." He responded, "Well I think so too, and if you weren't then at would be wierd." He was right, but me---depressed---no way.

That night I laid in my bed considering calling a counselor the next day. Then I started to pray. I prayed for God to help me, to give me strength to take care of myself and my family the way they deserved to be taken care of, to show me that I can do this, and that he had a plan for me and it was more than depression. I prayed that I could find peace in losing my Dad, that I could know that he was okay, and that God could help me to live my life as he wanted me to. I thanked him for my beautiful family and my amazing life...followed with the longest slowest Our Father I'd ever prayed.

Within a week...I started feeling renewed. I had more energy and felt like myself. I felt more motivated and even started talking about another baby, which had been out of the question for AWHILE.

Then the month of July we decided to give it a one month shot at having another baby. If we didn't get pregnant we'd have to wait about 6 months since next summer we'd be moving, which would be hard 9 months pregnant.

Through the power of prayer...God showed me he is indeed with me, reminded me he is the creator of LIFE and in complete control...and he has a plan for me...for my family.

We ARE PREGNANT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We are thrilled, and I'm at complete peace. Our baby is due around March 22nd. What a answer to my prayers.


Haley said...

Congrats on the new Bawcom!

Kate Dawson said...

You are never alone... hard to believe sometimes. Brad was right. Our husbands are so wonderful aren't they?

Kim Boswell said...

Congratulations to you all... You are BOTH amazing parents and deserve all of god's love and blessings. Here's to an easy pregnancy, happy and healthy baby!

Becky Bakes said...

Thanks everyone!!! Y'all are too sweet!