Thursday, January 8, 2009

My car is shrinking!

Well...its car definitely started shrinking 6 months ago, and with that we have begun car shopping. Our top choices are the Toyota 4Runner 2006-2008, Toyota Highlander 2008, and Ford Expedition 2007-2008. Our best fit is probably going to be the 2008 Highlander. It has a third row seat that isn't suffocating, gets decent gas mileage, is dependable, is easier to get in and out of, drives smoothly because its on a car base, and its a TOYOTA, which you can't beat. The 4 Runners are great, but most don't have a 3rd row seat. If they do there is really no cargo space. The Expeditions are great too, but really they are bigger than what we really need, and overall Toyotas have a better resale value and reliability record. Buying a car is scary and exciting at the same time. If anyone who reads my blog owns any of our top choices I'm open to any info. you have to offer.

Here are some pics of the 2008 Toyota Highlander. The color I'm looking at right now is called blizzard pearl like the one in the top picture.


Haley said...

It happens..and keeps on happening! We got a new car with each kiddo so far...a car can never be too big with small children and all their cargo-I think Highlander is good for now, but you will eventually want the Expedition after baby #2! I promise!

Adrienne said...

Yeah Haley is right. We have a subaru tribeca with a third seat and we really need a bigger car with two. But my husband is also
6'3" so we really don't fit when he is in the car. My dad has a highlander hybrid and loves it. I rode in the back with a car seat and had plenty of room. I drove a suburban for a weekend and fell in love with all the space. I wish we knew gas prices weren't going to jump up high again or we would get one.