Friday, January 30, 2009


Brad and I were going to take a trip to Vegas...but then we found out about a deal for Active Duty or Retired military. They are giving out one free 5-day pass to all 4 parks and $99 5-day passes for family members to Disney World from now until December 2009. Since this is such a great deal we decided we needed to take advantage of it, so we are going to Disney World in March! I'm so excited because I've never been! Brad's parents are so kindly coming with us to help with Jack so Brad and I can ride rides together! After Disney we are flying to see Mary(Brad's sister) in Indiana for a week, then we are flying home. Mary doesn't live far from Chicago, so we'll probably spend a couple of night there too! I can't wait! So as before...if there are any special things we need to know about Disney please let me know!


SANDY said...


Lindsay and Ben's Baby Journey said...

We got that deal too...obviously. Ben really wants to go, we're just trying to figure it out.
Oh and you and Jack are going to have buddies this summer. Ben has an 8 week training there so Cole and I will probably be there for 3-4 weeks!

sarah said...

If anyone is driving to Orlando let us know if you need a place to stay on your way down! We're about 2 hours away. :)