Monday, February 9, 2009

Some Pics

Jack was watching me camera happened to be sitting right there so I grabbed it and snapped a picture! He was very interested...and not scared at all!
Please excuse all the lovely drool...we were in the middle of the teething process!

One morning I had Brad dress Jack for me. I walked in and this is what he was wearing...just to go run errands! Brad dressed him up in his dressy clothes...he was so proud!

Just hanging around playing with some toys!


Laura said...

Oh gosh, he's so adorable!!!

By the way, enjoy your trip and take lots of pictures for us.

Adrienne said...

Haley told me Jack has RSV. Bella just had it a few weeks ago. Here is my email address if you have any
She never had to get put in the hospital but we did take her to the ER.