Friday, February 13, 2009

I look around and smile....

Jack turned 7 months old Monday! Here's what lifes like....

He just recently started using his pointer finger to touch EVERYTHING! He's gotten quite accurate, and he's very persistant about it! He sits up like a champ, and he's started leaning on his arms to reach things. He can push himself up really high when he's on his stomach, and he really really wants to crawl but can't seem to get his knees under him yet. I have toy baskets in basically every room in the house because I have to have some way to "clean" up. Clutter makes me a little crazy. Anyways, when he's playing with his toys he'll look into the basket and pull out new ones. It's really cute. He stills rolls wherever he needs to go! He's very nosey too. If he hears something he'll lean forward as far as he can or look around corners to check it out. He has all the toys in the world, but his favorite things are Sadies toys, remotes, and cellphones!

We also started giving him Puffs as a snack...but more for entertainment while we cook, eat, prepare his supper, or clean :) He just sits in his highchair amazed with these tiny puffs...pointing at them...touching them...and occasionally getting one into his mouth. Its tons of fun! He eats three meals a day now, and we are still nursing. I can't seem to quit. I'm attached, but very ready to be unattached if that makes sense. Anyways, he gets cereal in the morning, cereal and a fruit for lunch, and cereal, fruit & a veggie for dinner. We've tried juice in a sippy cup and bottle, and he's not interested AT ALL.

He still wakes up once or twice a night...I just think of it as our special time together :) Think positive....its my motto.

We spend our days playing, improving and adventuring. By adventuring I mean...browsing bookstores, Lowes, Marshalls, Target, the mall...Walmart. By improving I mean....painting different rooms in the the house...trying to tastefully decorate...working out...planting flowers...organizing the garage, etc. By playing I mean...rolling on the floor, talking to the toys, taking walks, sitting outside, swinging, bouncing, reading. I can't wait for it to warm up because then we'll be able to go swimming in the neighborhood pool. Jack LOVES his I'm assuming he'll really love swimming. Our pool if perfect for little ones b/c it has a huge kiddie area which slops like a beach would and has all kinds of water it should be really fun. I'm also itching to get a bike with a baby seat on the back so we can take bike rides! As soon as he turns one and we can find a helmet to fit him that will definitely become a favorite past time. Anyways having Jack and being able to stay home with him has been the biggest blessing in my life.

By the way...visitors are ALWAYS welcome...hint, hint ;)

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