Friday, February 27, 2009


Lately Jack has been learning and perfecting all kinds of new tricks. We taught him how to blow bubbles and he's really good at it! He will entertain any crowd any day just spitting/blowing bubbles and coughing and laughing ofcourse. When you ask him to do "sweet eyes" he smiles really big and closes his eyes. He also has learned how to say bye bye...he opens and closes his hand while looking at it and says "bye bye." Sometimes he gets it confused with "da da." He says "da da" and "ma ma". He doesn't associate it with us though. He's started kind of pulling up on his toy basket or the back of the couch. He loves when you hold him up at a coffee table.

We went home for Mardi Gras, although we didn't get to do many Mardi Gras events :( We did get to go to the Dog Parade, but it quickly got rained out. Jack was sick with croup the week before we left...the cough got better, but then the cold part got worse. We ended up seeing a doctor in LC and found out he had a sinus infection and an ear infection in one ear and the start of one in the other ear...yuck. I also was feeling pretty yucky off and on, so we pretty much just hung out with family. Jessica came in town, and John Scott was home for Mardi Gras break. I also went to visit family in Kinder, and Jack got to hang out with his cousin Marianna who is only 6 months younger than him. He was very curious about her...and oh so very gentle. It was great to see everyone and just relax.

We leave March 9th for Disney for a week, and then we are going to see Mary & fam. for a week in Indiana. I have lots of packing to do---for two completely opposite types of weather---Sun & Snow! Wish me luck :)
Playing w/Uncle John Scott
Sweet eyes

Jack and Marianna

Jack with Granna at the Dog Parade

Jack and Marianna at the Dog Parade

Wearing Aunt Jess'(MiMi) sunglasses

Pulling up on toy basket

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