Tuesday, February 5, 2013


disney 274

This is pretty much what I have from Christmas! I didn’t take too many pictures because sometimes the camera takes over the experience.  I snapped a few and then put it down & enjoyed our morning.  It was a fabulous Christmas this year…Next year Brad will be deployed for Christmas.  My heart aches thinking about it.  So this year I really wanted to just wake up in our home with our kids and have a lazy Christmas day full of playing, cooking & enjoying each other.  We did just that…no traveling no stress no timelines…it was nice.disney 306

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disney 340

Brennan…I know when you read this one day you might be really upset with me…but I had to put this picture.  It was too funny!  You are such a little mess…and are becoming a master escape artist after bath time and diaper changes and its hilarious and so frustrating, so I think I might be paying you back!

disney 348

Little angel!

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