Monday, August 15, 2011

I’m alive!!!

I was blogging like a crazy woman for awhile, and then…I quit cold turkey.

Not because I wanted to…I started getting so sick with this pregnancy!  I thought..I was going to..fall off the face of the earth, but I survived!

This past week I’ve started feeling better(to my amazement…I’m usually super sick until 12-14 weeks) but at 8 weeks today I can say that I’m not stuck in my bed all day.  WHAT A BLESSING!  I still have my rough moments each day, but they are “doable.”

Today I found out about someone else’s nightmare…a beautiful person lost her husband and a precious little girl lost her daddy.  It’s a confusing story because when death strikes someone you know…its hard to understand how it could have happened.  Just how in the world did this happen to this precious family? My prayers are with them & I was hoping you could think of them too.  While reflecting on this today I was reminded of how thankful I am for the little secret (as I like to call it) that God let me in on when he took my Dad to heaven. 

It was eye opening, life changing, & I am forever grateful.

Losing my Dad showed me how precious life is, and today I’m thankful that I really understand that. 

----------So with all that being said-----------

On a lighter note…Jack is starting preschool next week!!! If you remember I researched preschools like crazy and found one that I knew was perfect for our family.  We went to open house last week, and so far so good!  Jack keeps asking me if he can go to school :) I love it, but I will say that I’m already missing him!

Miss Madeline is keeping right up with her brother lately!  She doesn’t miss ANYTHING…and she is super busy playing with her babies.  After meeting her cousin Julia it seems to have all clicked in her mommy brain and she knows just what to do!  So sweet…hopefully she’ll be just as helpful with the new baby!

Speaking of the new baby…he/she is due March 25th although with my c-section history we’ll probably deliver a week early.  I’m still waiting for all the nausea to go away so I can have tons of energy and clean up the mess that has accumulated since I got sick.

I have to give some love to my Brad---what a champ he’s been!  He has been bending over backwards for us lately, living in a messy house, eating meals that aren’t cooked, and still loving me unconditionally while I lay on the couch all afternoon gagging.  Thank you so much…there’s no way we could do it without you…we love you!

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