Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Closer to him

I’ve been on a spiritual journey for some time now…as most of you know.  Religion is a private subject, and I respect all the different paths people take.  I hope that I haven’t lost any readers…I obviously quote Christian scripture often in my blog.  It’s become such a STRONG desire of mine to write what I write. 

With all that being said…I hope that we can


…if you will.

I hope that you never find yourself backed against a wall in life, but if you do…I hope that you have something in your life to turn to.

We recently welcomed a new little one into our family…Miss Julia Cay Chapman!  When Madeline met Julia…it all clicked!  She has become such a little natural momma!Fall2011 258

Fall2011 261Fall2011 276

Miss Julia Cay Chapman herself! 

Fall2011 282

Enjoying the outdoors before it gets too hot in the mornings has allowed my kids to be in their element.  Any combination of grass, dirt, sand, toys, with the least amount of clothing on makes them so happy!

Fall2011 292Fall2011 302

Fall2011 313Fall2011 318


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