Thursday, March 15, 2012

People say…

The last few weeks of pregnancy are gonna drag, but I’ve told them, “Nope…they are gonna fly by because every week lately has been flying by & before I know it IT’S THE END OF THE WEEK!”  I’ve been so confident when I say this & rightfully so because it’s been true.

These past few weeks have flown by.  Perhaps that what happens when you are hanging out with these munchkins :)

I am exhausted, swollen, my feet hurt SOOOOO bad, and I’ve suffered from terrible insomnia, BUT I am having a baby on Monday & a Crawfish Boil this weekend & soon enough my days of a baby in the belly will be over. Yes…you heard right we are having a crawfish boil on Sat. because Brad’s parents are going to be able to bring in some live crawfish & Brad’s been wanting to show all his friends what a crawfish boil is all about for the past fours years & it’s pretty much now or never~ We are super excited!


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Kate Dawson said...

To give you some excitement- my two are so in love with their baby brother. It is sometimes one of the only thing they agree upon. Enjoy these last few days. Think of you and praying for you!