Friday, March 18, 2011

Little girls…

Madeline is getting so big! I’ll be honest…the thoughts of a third are starting to creep into my mind! I want to wait a little longer though : )

Madeline will be 1 yr. old April 12th!  She is cruising around the furniture, so she should be walking soon.  She is the best eater in the world, and she is sleeping like a charm.  We did confirm with allergy testing that she is allergic to cow’s milk.  Bummer! Madeline is a handful.  She has the funniest personality.  She is very high maintenance to say the least!  She LOVES her Daddy…she’s always flirting with him.  Her and Jack are starting to play better together, which is so helpful.  She loves getting dirty and playing right along side of him : )  I love to hear him say, “no no Mady don’t do that…or no no Mady be careful!” 

So here she is…at 11 1/2 months!

Spring2011 014Spring2011 015Spring2011 017Spring2011 021

When I uploaded the picture below I immediately thought of the one of Jack that looks just like it!  He was the same age, and they are both making their “goober” face.

Spring2011 027064Spring2011 029Spring2011 037Spring2011 041Spring2011 045

Here are a few more of Jack in the same spot at the same age!


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