Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Less is More: Part I

If you guys remember…my new year’s resolution was “less is more.”  I’ve begun my journey, and let me tell you…my life is becoming more and more wonderful as I have LESS in it :)

As I make changes (big and small) I’m gonna keep you updated.  Here’s one of my most delightful changes yet. 

Here is my pantry when BEFORE when I was losing my mind….

2011 041

And here it is now….AFTER I found my mind.

Spring2011 004Spring2011 005

Let me start by telling you that I breathe so much better now when I open my pantry…seriously.  My life is more peaceful.  I knew I wanted to make this change, but every time I went to Walmart to buy storage things I would stand in the aisle….panicking because I didn’t know how many plastic things I needed or how many glass jars or baskets….and I’d end up walking away defeated.  One day I just decided not to try and figure out exactly what I needed and just buy stuff.  I figured I could always go back and buy more or return what I didn’t use…and this would be a gradual improvement.  It didn’t have to be perfect in my first shot.

You should have seen my recycle bin….

I LOVE MY PANTRY.  Sometimes I just stand in it and smile. 

This is not a waste of money…it ends up paying for itself because all my cereal, crackers, etc. last so much longer!  NO MORE STALENESS. It’s awesome.  I still plan on making a few more improvements…like labeling and buying a few more baskets. 

Until then though…

I’m loving what I have

in all aspects of my life.

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