Tuesday, March 1, 2011

I miss my...

I miss my...little imaginary world that I write to. I love you guys...I LOVE WRITING.

We are in Houston right now, and we have been for two weeks. We have two more weeks and we will be home SWEET SWEET COMFORTABLE TODDLER FORGIVING home. If you can't tell...I miss my home. But if you roll my make the best of what's around and survive...happily.

We've been doing fun thing specifically was visiting the childrens museum which is amazing over here. Seriously, if you live near by it's worth a weekend family trip. I can go to the YMCA here, which is life saving. The kids love going, so it's sort of an outing for them too. We've been eating well, and enjoying being in a city and not in a suburb. I like the city, and over here in the west university area it's like being in a oak tree lined neighborhood...quaint...with the convenience of fun city things to do every night. This area might be in my top three for after we are done with military pay back. We will see.

Jack has thoroughly enjoyed all the helicopters that fly by every 30 minutes, the "train" or metro that we see everyday pass by, the many ambulances & firetrucks, and the great park around the corner. Jack is tee tee potty trained btw. Sweet thing it is. The other part we are still working on. I'm currently bribing him with a monster truck.

Madeline is my little adventurous sweetness. She keeps up with her brother to say the least, but has the neediness of the darling girl that she is. I'm so in love.

Pictures to come when I get back home where I have my computer...

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