Friday, January 11, 2013

Our Home

People have been asking…so, here is a link to view pictures of our new house!

As most of you know we moved to Niceville, FL from San Antonio, TX after Brad finished residency.  We house hunted a little bit until I decided that I would just build the house I wanted.  Most houses here were crazy expensive and outdated and I’m crazy when I get an idea in my head.  I know.  It was a little bit much.  It was a bigger process than I would have ever imagined because we built custom basically, and it was intense.  It was long. Hard. Fun. It sparked my creative flair as I picked out every detail and probably drove my builder crazy, but he was awesome, so everything came out just the way I wanted :)  Jonathan Tidwell built our home and it was an amazing experience b/c he was so good at what he does and friendly and awesome, so I definitely recommend him to anyone who might move to the area.

In fact I’m going to just type: Niceville Destin new homes builder

Hopefully that will pop up on Google if someone is looking for a great builder!

We moved in Dec. 15th just in time for Christmas…which we spent at home….which was wonderful too.  We had a lazy Christmas Day and lots of family came to visit us.  It was so nice to just wake up in our home!

So anyways…click on the link above and enjoy ;)

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