Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Sea World

While Sandy and Braylon were visiting we went to Sea World! It was a lot of fun, and Jack was able to enjoy it this time. Last time we went he was 3 weeks old and it rained so we missed some of the shows and the water park. Jack ABSOLUTELY LOVED the water much that our cheeks were hurting after b/c we were smiling and laughing so much. It was a great time, and I'd still go back even after going twice already since we've lived here.
The boys meeting Shamu and the dolphin. Braylon actually hugged Shamu which was really cute. Jack on the other hand cried and was afraid of both of them.
At the Shamu show....the whales would come up and splash the audience with their tails! We sat up much higher so we wouldn't get wet. I told know one day our kids may want to get you'll have to go sit closer with them :)

I'm so amazed with these animals...and their trainers. Its so cool what they train them to do and their obvious relationship they have together.
We fed the seals...we were going to feed the dolphins too, but when we got their feeding time was over :( Maybe next time!

two sweet little boys....

Jack about the pull Braylon's hair...lovely.

oh wait...a hug instead...good boy :)

Brad with the boys!

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