Wednesday, December 17, 2008

"its a beautiful morning...."

Sooo the peas were a one night deal. After that first night Jack decided he didn't like peas fact he disliked them so much he actually appeared to shiver when I'd push a bite in...then he'd go on to gag and cough. Anyways....his little cold is over, and last night I nursed him at 9:30pm and went off to bed. Ofcourse around 10:30pm he started to cry, and thats when I decided it was time for an intervention. I decided to try the Ferber method and adjusted the time frames to what was comfortable for me---3 min, 5 min. and 7 min. After going after 3 min, 5 min., 7 min., 7 min. and having a serious talk with God....then going back in after I'd waited that forever long 7 min. Jack finally fell fast asleep before another 7 min. was up. He slept through the night, and was up and happy at 6am which was fine with me because I'd finally gotten a full night of rest. I'm sure we'll have to do the Ferber method for awhile until he gets it all down. I'm just thankful that we have a plan that seems to work :)

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Anonymous said...

I know it is hard to listen to your baby cry, but it will be well worth it in about a week. It is amazing what a full night of sleep will do for ya. We did it with my first one and will probably do it with my second one soon. I finally got used to the crying and would listen for about 20 minutes before I went in to check on him. Every mommy has a different magical number. Good Luck and remember their are many other moms doing the exact same thing as you at that same moment:)