Saturday, December 13, 2008

a pea a day will keep the doctor away

Yesterday I brought Jack to the doctor because he's been having a bit of a runny nose...then he started getting a cough...and then a hoarseness/wheeziness sound that kind of bothered me. It all turned out his is absolutely fine...everything is still upper respiratory thank goodness. Anyways, I asked the doctor for suggestions about his sleeping or lack there of at night. She suggessted the "Ferber" method I believe---its when you go in at intervals while he is crying starting with what you are most comfortable with---for example 3 min., then 5 min., then 8 min. and after that every 8 min. You go in console, pat..kisses...whatever, but don't pick him up until he eventually falls asleep. You can increase the intervals over the next few days to 5 min, 10 min. then 15 min. Since he's sick I didn't want to start that right now, but I was planning on doing it when he gets better. She said he certainly doesn't need to be nursing that much at night b/c he simply doesn't need it, he just wants it. Also I need to work on putting him to bed drowsy rather than fast asleep after nursing. All of these things I know---but its just really hard! She also mentioned adding some more solid foods during the day. I was just doing rice cereal and prunes at night, but she said I could add a morning and noon feeding with some more veggies. Last night I introduced peas and totally expected a funny face, but instead he just opened his mouth up wide for another bite! He loved them! As a result of the peas....he slept from 10:30-4:30 and then went back down from 4:30-8!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Is it b/c of the peas??? I don't know, but everyone knock on


Haley said...

that is fantastic!!!! whatever the reason! by the way, email me at so I can send you some fabric samples/ info about a baby sling. So happy he slept!

Laura said...

Congratulations! Kaia wasn't a big fan of pureed peas - I had to mix them with another food (but, she liked the whole peas when she got big enough to eat them). We tried that interval method for getting her to sleep too. It was too hard for me, but I wish now that I had done more work earlier on to get her to sleep by herself. Now, when she wakes up in the night and realizes she's by herself she's not too happy : (

Good luck with everything!!

Katie said...

yay for jack! that's awesome! maybe peas will work for elise too. :) we're probably gonna try the ferber thing over the christmas holidays too. i'm not looking forward to it... good luck! hope he's feeling better soon.