Friday, October 12, 2012

Madeline & Brennan


Oh Madeline! Brennan was about 4-5 months in this picture. I had laid him down on his back and then walked around the corner to find this…

Summer2012 149

Then I said, “Madeline did you turn Brennan over?” and she did this….

Summer2012 150

And this…

Summer2012 151

Then she said, “Baby Ban?” while touching his head…

Summer2012 154

Yep…guilty is the verdict!  He didn’t seemed too bothered though! Brennan is so used to being handled by Jack and Madeline there isn’t much that will upset him!

Summer2012 157Summer2012 161Summer2012 164

Madeline sure does love him! She is always wanting to help me with him! Little sweeties…I love them so much!

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