Monday, May 23, 2011

Nothing particular…

You know…its Sunday afternoon.

We went to church…we tried to go car hunting…or should I say TRUCK hunting. Yes, its that time-Brad needs a new vehicle, and the boy wants a truck, so THAT’S WHAT HE’S GETTING :) 

Its kind of like his congratulations you are almost done with residency and you absolutely deserve to have the truck of your dreams, and if you want a Toyota Tundra Crew Max in either dark gray or black…you get it! We know we want a boat in a year, so we’ll need something to pull it, and we want all our little munchkins to be able to pile in comfortably too!

We were all excited to go truck hunting, but the dealerships were all closed which surprised us. Oh well…we’ll have plenty of time and WE ARE IN NO RUSH.

So with all this new truck buying stuff going on…our 2005 Mazda 3 I with 106,000 miles is going up for sale.  It was in the top three compact cars when we bought it, and most of the miles are highway miles.  Its in great shape, so if you no anyone who might be interested spread the word!

I guess with all this jibber jabber you deserve some pictures to make it all worth your time…

JessBabyShower 001

This picture of Mady Grace (her new nickname by her one and only big brother Jack) shows Madeline’s true personality!  She is such a mess, but such a sweetheart snuggle love at the same time!  She started walking a couple of weeks ago, and she has said quite a few words: cat, dog, bye bye, jack, juice, shoes, and cup.  Her and Jack just started playing a whole lot together, which makes my life SO much easier, and it just melts our hearts to watch them!  In the evenings before bed they’ve started watching movies together…Brad and I just can’t get enough of watching them lay next to each other…SO SWEET!

JessBabyShower 005

Awhile back we went to Toy Story 3 on Ice.  The kids absolutely LOVED it, especially Jack who watched the whole thing in complete awe.  I would definitely recommend it! 

Jack is definitely potty trained now…thank goodness!  It was pretty rough, but we made it! He will be turning 3 in July, and I’m already getting a taste of that sweet 3 yr. old coming out of him.  He’s so much more helpful, understanding, and such a better listener.  I guess since my life sounds so easy…I should add a third to the mix.  Why not? We’ll see…

JessBabyShower 018


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